“We’ve Got Your Six”

“We’ve Got Your Six”
“We’ve Got Your Six”2019-11-08T08:34:13-06:00

Welcome to the S&P 500 Trading Group

Learn How to Build a $500K Career with Futures Trading

We value our Veterans and LEO’s. Are you looking for a great new career but so far it’s elusive? Futures Trading – done properly – is a great profession. Learn the right way with the S&P 500 Trading Group.  Contact me to learn more.

Start your Six Figure Trading Career, with the right education

December 2nd, 2019|

I usually have 2 types of people that visit my site. Those that know very little or nothing about futures trading, stocks or other financial instruments, but they want to earn extra money or change [...]

Price vs Value and Why you may not have Enough Money

November 18th, 2019|

Were you ever curious about futures trading? What is this odd-sounding animal? Many people never reach their financial goals because of our education system. We were never taught the difference between price and cost. Between [...]