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Want to be the Boss? Try Futures Trading

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A big change can be so rewarding if done properly. Would you consider futures trading as a vehicle to success in a new career? Did you ever change your NEC or MOS while you were on active duty? How did that work out for you?  Did it advance your career or destroy it?  I have seen both scenarios. You signed up to be a hero, and you were sent to truck driving school. Now that you have your DD214 or you can see the horizon and will be ETS’ing  soon, think about this in terms of the civilian world.    You are going to transition from an Alpha Predator to a job or business that requires new skills and maybe some personal interaction skills. Now you must hunt down and conquer contracts or job interviews and not peer or near peer opponents. When you go online and start to re-con jobs that seem to fit your goals; are you inundated with spam and offers to be an overnight millionaire?  Does it seem hopeless to check out endless offers and then you go to LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and FaceBook or “where-ever” and the spam gets even worse. You have no way to investigate or verify all this crap. On-line reviews are bought and paid for. Maybe you have already been screwed by some company offering millions for only $30, $40, or $60,000.  Boy that hurts! Makes you feel like the 1st day you walked off post while you were in basic training. Oh boy, did the vultures gather for your money and your soul. Why don't you come and see what we have to offer. No charge. Nada , Free.  Yes, we will ask you for your email address when you call, but we don't spam you. Just sit in on a couple of our live trading sessions.  No Pressure and No Spam.  Let's Talk Then ; you decide. Will I be my own Boss?  Will I start my own company? Will you take the reins and drive this new money making machine with all the gusto and skills you have gained so far.  Are you sure you made the correct choices.  The military is a copy of the civilian world in many respects.  Trust your training.  And where, do you ask, do I get the proper training? Well, again; check us out . No Charge for looking, and you can even touch too! Pop the hood and listen to this beast. We don't hide behind a website. Test drive us for a couple of laps.  We have seen so many skills that former military and Law Enforcement have, that will transition to Futures Trading. These skills you have practiced and learned can give you a head start in the Financial Market.  I Know; I know. WTH is up with Military and Money?  They never mix. What the bees wax are we talking about . Military and Money? How do the two work with each other.  Well, read on and be [...]

Technical overload and burnout. The emotional side of Trading

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Beginner and Intermediate Traders alike are Guilty of this. Are you spending hours and hours sweating over details and press reports and business forecasts; studying Fibonacci lines and donchain channels?  Can you ever get enough data or current info to take a trade with 100% certainty of winning?  Do you suffer from technical overload or anxiety burnout? Welcome to the dark side of trading we call emotional trading. How did you get here to the dark side?   How frustrating to put money on the line in a trade and then realize, I could have gone to Vegas and lost this same money and had a good time while throwing money down a hole.   Buy Low and Sell High Buy low and sell high; there is nothing else in commerce and futures trading if you want to profit. The way you lose money is to buy retail and sell wholesale. When the price goes up you get excited and you start buying. You are buying when the price is High. This is when you should be selling. You have gone into the trade backward.  You followed your emotions. This is why the most experienced traders know the major portion of successful trading is the emotional portion. They first have to recognize it; then accept it and work with it. Now let's look at the most common point of entry into any transaction. You buy a product at the low end and sell when the price is increasing. Buy low and sell high. When the price goes up, you sell and realize a profit. Buy low and sell High. The age-old road to success. I can hear the experience traders screaming at the screen right now.  They make a living gathering data and making rules and studying price action. But I want to tell you that 95% of futures traders are broke after the 1st year. You could do better in Vegas. Number crunching and technical analysis is important, but trading is 60% or more just an emotional exercise. Do you know your break-even ratio?  Fill vs Stop When you get the correct money management and risk ratios (easy peasy ) then you need to trust your decision and stay in the trade.  If you are a scalper, then you don't need to read any further. If you are in for the long run, look at your risk-reward, calculate your breakeven trade ratio, and take the trade when it comes to you. Don't chase the trade, and don't run your stops up and down. Keep the emotions out of the trade. If you trust your sim trades and playback exercises, why would they not line up with your live trades? You proved your #'s and you practiced your trade signals over and over, and yet.....What happens when you take that signal live?  Do you need to keep piling on more and more rules?  Or can you trust your trade rules and keep your finger off the mouse while you stare [...]

The Road To Success Thru Futures Trading

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Let’s Talk about the road to your money goal$   Let's talk about the road to SUCCESS. In all my years, Military and in Business; very few people want to talk about money. My stockbroker was eager to talk to me;  until the bottom fell out of the market. My banker was not too keen on talking about money (until I owed him lots of money). If you are looking at retirement and want to earn extra money or start a new $500K career; read on. I guess I learned from my parents that we don’t talk about money because we never had enough. When you go out on a farm or ranch, it ‘s considered bad manners to ask a rancher “How many head of cattle do you have?" It’s sort of like asking, “How much money do you have? “   All this talk about money. Do you think your path to success may involve obtaining some money?  Well, of course, you will need money. Money lubricates the gears of commerce and widens the path to success. But how much money? The picture above may seem like a goat path to many. I can assure you, the reason it does not look well worn or traveled, is because so many people do not recognize this path and they take another route. The path I can show you; is the road to success, and I can’t wait to show you what’s over the hill. You will be amazed and excited when you see what we do. Develop Goals and Manage your path to those Goals So, with money being such a big part of everyone’s life; why not talk more about it. There is a road to success and it is well defined, but not often traveled. Here at the S&P500 Trading Group, we teach money management and capital preservation to start you on the right path. Don't spend all you have for a school that only offers youTube videos and paper trading. This is no Bull Come join us for a couple of free passes to our live trading sessions.  You'll start to see what we are so excited about. The vehicle we use to meet your financial goals is called Futures Trading. It may sound scary or high priced, but don’t be skeeered. So many people like yourself have mastered this skill and are now financially independent. If you have never traded futures, or if you have; when you come to our online live trading sessions, you will learn.  The purpose of our free invite is to show you how transparent we are. How real we are.  And, you will learn. And, If time permits during each session, our moderators will answer questions from the new people attending. There are no other schools like the S&P500 Trading Group. The mentoring and the training program is unsurpassed. This is not a get rich scheme. You cannot buy your way into financial success, you have to learn and earn. [...]

Earn Extra Income from Your office or Home

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With wi-fi and this great spot, you could live here, enjoy the view, and run a very successful business. A business with no employees, no inventory, no vehicle fleets, and you can work 5 days a week or less.  Your investment in time, training and effort will relate to your income. Earn extra money or start a $500K career. The potential is staggering, but your effort is the key. Using the S&P500 market and futures trading, you can realize double-digit ROI's and not yearly, but daily.  Work from Home Takes on a Whole New Meaning This is not a get rich scheme. You can not buy your way into this business. Many have tried and lost fortunes. Without the correct training and mentoring; your chances at a high-income profession such as discount futures trading have a less than 5% success rate.  We do not trade on luck. That is called gambling. Our method of success involves money management, risk analysis, then test the rules you will learn.  Test your trading skills in the real market and then perform a detailed after-action report to correct any mistakes.   A personal mentor will work with you throughout these classes and show you how to excel.  Use your existing skills and grow with our track record of success. Be the one that takes your former military skills, proper training and put your time and effort into the best business I have seen to date.  I understand, you may not think you can do this, but just the fact you served in uniform shows you understand many of the skills needed to be successful in futures trading.   The S&P500 Trading Group is unique in that we offer an unparalleled level of training. We will assign you a personal liaison to keep you on track and help you progress through the classes.  Every business day, we have 8 hours or more 0f live sessions with the most experienced traders; teaching you and offering individual help. No one in the business offers this level of training. No one. This is a business start-up that has no comparison.  Come and sit with us for a bit. Let's talk. Contact us to sit in on one of our training and trading sessions. You will see how hundreds of people meet online and learn as they earn. It's no cost to you, we want you to see we have nothing to hide. Sit in for a couple of our live sessions. See how we trade, how we train and make money. After you watch what we do for a couple of sessions, I have no doubt you will re-examine your financial goals.   So, why wait. The sooner you start your new career, the sooner you meet your financial goals.  It's that simple. Then you can step out your front door every day and see this, or just visit when you want. All the time, you can work and keep earning.  Your office is where your laptop is.  [...]

Commodity Futures Trading Commission $7 million fine

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CFTC Charges Trader and his Company with $7 Million Fraud Washington, DC – The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission announced the filing of a civil enforcement action in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia charging Tate Street Trading, Inc. of Richmond, Va. and Leonard J. Cipolla of Chesterfield, Va. with misappropriating customer funds and fraudulent solicitation in connection with a commodity pool.  The complaint also charges Tate Street and Cipolla with failure to register as a Commodity Pool Operator (CPO) and Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA), respectively. Read the Full Article from the U.S. Futures Commodity Trading Commission

Heroes in Our Midst The Medal of Honor

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The Greatest of These is Love Hiroshi (Hershey) Miyamura The men I honor in these posts are all warriors at heart. They fought with bravery and courage. In conversations with most of these men, they related that they were not the bravest on the battlefield , nor the most courageous. The biggest reason their exploits will be repeated thru the ages is their Love. The act of love for their fellow soldiers and sailors, was the driving force that overcame fear, and pain, and fatigue. The Greatest of These Hershey and his wife , Terry lived in Gallup, New Mexico. At the time of this writing it is reported he no longer can travel due to health concerns. His wife Terry passed away in 2014.

Test Drive a High Performance Futures Trading Academy

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Want to take a test drive in the most unique high performance futures training academy in the nation? The academy I am talking about is not something you just enroll in and read a book; and then you take a test. This is the real thing. Come along and see what only the professionals see when they are members of this elite trading group. Take a ride with us. This is your chance to sit in the seat next to the best most experienced drivers and watch as they take you through laps at the S&P500. Rain or shine, we train and run every business day.  Proper training in Futures Trading.    The goal is financial success. I am offering you a chance to pop the hood and look at the only engine in the USA that drives hundreds of successful businessmen and women each day. A powerful engine that propels them to accomplish their goals. The goal of financial success. This engine is the S&P500 Trading Academy. Learn to control this engine and drive this car. There is no other like it. Come and take a couple of laps with us. See how we personally teach and mentor people like yourself to be successful day traders in Discount Trading. S&P500 Futures Trading Academy No other engine provides power and  control  like the S&P500 Trading Academy. We have online meetings each business day and discuss the proper strategy of Futures Trading. Up to 5 classes daily with the most experienced teachers at the wheel, and sitting beside you in an online class; helping to steer you to success. As many as 300 people  show up  daily to participate and learn in these live online classes. Pop the hood and discuss with our teachers and other experienced traders each hairpin turn and each stop. Sit in on these live laps and see how we drive.  The Key to Our Futures Trading Academy A personal trainer assigned to you will show you how to maneuver with risk management and money management stops. Learn the pit falls of indecision using simulated trading , until you are ready to hit the track live.  We can put you in the passenger seat and let you ride along for a couple of 2 hr laps for free. No pressure, just enjoy 2 free trips with the professionals and then;  you can decide if you want to join us.  You decide if you want to drive your own vehicle to the winners circle. Learn to maneuver with Risk Management There really is no one like us.  No one but the S&P500 Group will to guide you through each turn and each stop until you are ready to solo.  No one else will take the time to look at your  successes and  failures; then show you how to correct your mistakes and prepare you for your solo run. We can help you define your own financial goals, and then design a training regimen to obtain these goals. [...]

When is the best time to plant a tree ? A money Tree

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Answer ; Yesterday is the best day to plant a money tree. In the span of your productive years, I'm sure you have thought about retirement. If you are there already, good for you. You made it!  If you want to grow your finances and not work full time, Read on. If you are still working toward that goal of retirement and still growing that money tree, give me a minute of your time. Learn about the most basic business transaction. Buy Low, Sell High ; using futures trading. Even if you are not ready at this point in time to invest in the futures market, spend a few minutes and learn about us. Here's why. We teach money management, risk management, and many more necessary skills to operate a very successful business. Here, you can learn many skills that cross over to everyday life and other business ventures. There are many common issues that affect a multitude of seemingly different business ventures. The reality is all business ventures today operate from age old principles. Here is the formula that has built wealth thru the ages.                Buy Low, Sell High There are many skills and habits to increase your earnings and profit; but these two statements are the basis of trade and commerce as we know it today. Buy low, sell high. I will go further and give you another tip . In the futures market, you can Sell High and then Buy Low. We call this a short sale. So, in effect we make money as the market prices rise (Buy Low) and when the market prices are dropping. (Sell High ) Sell High, Buy Low and Double your opportunity This one tip allows you to double your access to the market movements and profit. Most investors are only focused on the rise and the price increase. Real estate and stocks must rise in order to profit. We can make money both ways; rise or fall.  So, now you have knowledge of another skill and another way to grow your money tree. Plant and use risk management and Capital preservation to nurture and grow your tree. So, plant your tree now. As is ages, you will need less and less care to keep it healthy. Don't wait till tomorrow to watch this tree (knowledge) grow and mature. And as your tree grows larger and stronger, it will weather the storms better without damage , like the smaller immature trees. The founder of the S&P500 Trading Group is a veteran himself. He has found and donated scholarship money thru his corporation to serve  former or retired military and law enforcement.  This is his thanks to our protectors of freedom ; offering reduced cost and fees to veterans and law enforcement; and opening new fields to men and women so deserving of our help. This is an amazing opportunity in a non-traditional field; that deserves to be investigated.

Can you remember canned C-rat Peaches?

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How happy is the soldier that found a B-2 unit with canned peaches. Even if the main item was ham and lima beans or dehydrated pork patties.  I would have included a picture of a can of peaches, but they seem to be so popular that none of them survived any of the conflicts and there are none left to photograph.  

Consider the Cost; Career vs Education

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The S&P500 Trading Group offers training in a new career in the financial field. We can train you to be successful in Futures Trading.  We far exceed others in this field with our real time training and mentors. Scholarships are available for veterans to reduce the cost and the price of this unique opportunity.

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