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The Best Path to Freedom

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Guess What?  I want to share the cost of Freedom with you. This is an unadulterated blog post that preys upon your patriotism to show you a path to financial freedom. With that out of the way, please read and consider my plea to spend time and defend your liberty. WE live in a Republic, not a Democracy. Pure Democracy leads to chaos. If you are reading my posts, you have noticed a pro-military and Law Enforcement thread throughout. My passion is to educate people as to the freedom we enjoy and the cost of this freedom. The founding fathers of the United States of America drafted our constitution to ensure the tyranny of the King or the unbridled emotional voice of the majority did not shackle their freedom. For a hundred years, the colonies in the New America prospered because we enjoyed freedom from unchecked government interference. The independent colonies prospered with little regulation and low taxes. All that changed when bureaucrats and the King stepped in with new taxes and unbridled government control. Our cries for help were ignored and our response came at the end of a gun barrel and produced a new nation with guarantees of individual liberty. Will you fight to hold on to that freedom? I would urge everyone reading this to go back and read our Constitution and realize the main idea was to protect individual liberty and freedom from oppressive government control. You will have to work and struggle to keep this dream from disappearing. If you want freedom from government regulation and oppression, it is expensive. Due to the mission creep and unethical government actors, you must continually guard against encroachment into your daily life or business. Please spend the time to monitor your State and Federal Elected Officials and see how they vote. Do they work to set you free or do they work to give more control to unelected bureaucrats? Most people that understand the Republic vs. the so-called Democracy will know quickly that government continually wants to grow and control all aspects of your life. This is why the uneducated wander and lean towards socialism. They want to take the easy way out and not be responsible for the consequences of their ignorance of history and how people tend to repeat their mistakes. True freedom is expressed by Capitalism. You are free to buy and sell or work, or not to work. The rewards of your ideas and labor are you own. In order to defend our liberties, it requires the expenditure of your resources. It requires your time, effort, energy, and treasure. If you want to join in and join the fight for our countries founding principles, go and earn more money. The best way to gain time and treasure to enjoy and defend these freedoms is to earn more money. This allows you the freedom to spend time as you desire and not fret over the daily worries. Learn about your heritage, and learn about us; [...]

No College Degree? No Problem.

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I admire the tenacity shown by veterans that pursue and obtain a college degree, but many veterans will not pursue a college degree or may not finish their degree. Your lack of a college degree is not an impediment to a great career in the financial field. I want to encourage you to look at Futures Trading. This lessor known financial instrument can propel you to a $500K career and you don't have to obtain a college degree. No, the degree does not dictate your earning potential. Electricians and plumbers can earn $100,000 a year without any college. Granted, most states require 5 years minimum training and annual tests to get to the Masters Level; but they work and earn a salary as they train. Many employers will pay for technical training and the employee has no student debt. Futures Trading is no different.  While you learn, you can trade futures and as your knowledge and experience increase, so do your profits. Most students will pass the $100K mark within 2 years of trading/training if they truly invest their time, energy, and effort. When you earn that kind of money, your student debt should be non-existent. S&P 500 training academy is unique in the industry. We use industry experts and experienced Traders to deliver online classes multiple times per day. You will not find this anywhere else in the industry. Many online companies will offer you the moon, but after a huge outlay in capital, you will find that all you have are some online self-paced lessons and promises of success.  Need a Change from The Daily Grind?   We offer you the opportunity to come and sit in on our private online mentored classes. Come and see how transparent we are. With up to 300 people in class at the same time, you will find; we have nothing to hide. We learn and earn; and we share with each other, as some traders will have years of experience and many are brand new traders just learning the jargon.  This is our end-to-end solution so that you can learn and earn on your way to success. As you look at our model, come and visit us in our private members-only online sessions, surely you will reset your financial goals when you understand the profit to be made in this industry.  Should you decide to join the S&P 500 trading group, we will assign you a personal liaison to make sure that you progress through each training section and grow your knowledge and experience. All the time, practicing capital preservation and risk management. I owned an electrical contracting company for 20+ years. Imagine my disappointment when I hired various professionals with a 4 or 5 yr degree in the construction industry and found they did not possess the basic skills needed to oversee a small $50,000 project, or they could not design a control system that most electricians would design and install in a matter of hours. I say this to [...]

Want to Sell Your Bicycle?

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If I sold bicycles, I would want to sell them for more money than I bought that bicycle for. (I want to make a profit) My business model would require a profit from the sale of any item or service. Profit = money. Simple, right? You can't stay in business for very long if you buy a bicycle for $200 and sell it for $100. It just does not make sense. There is a point when you run out of money and then you close the doors. Every customer got a great deal at $100 as long as they don't need any warranty work or as long as they don't intend to ever buy another bike from you. Other than no repeat business, they got a great deal. Futures Trading is a business where you buy a contract and sell that same contract when the price changes. You make money when you buy low and sell at a higher price. The interesting thing about this business is the ability to buy low and sell high, or sell high and buy low. Confusing? Let's use the bike theory.   I sell you a bike online for $200. I don't have the bike on the shelf, but I call the manufacturer and have the bike delivered to you and you pay me $200.  I turn around and pay the manufacturer $100. I keep $100 for my profit.  Sell High, Buy Low.  My discount is how I make my profit. I just sold an item I did not own and I bought something that I did not have in my possession to sell to someone I may never meet. I never took possession of the bike I sold. I never saw that bike nor touched it and I made $100. In the language of Futures Trading, this is known as a "short" sale vs a "long" sale. If you are familiar with the stock market, you know the goal is for the stock market to go up and you realize your profit much later. Sometimes years and years later. In the futures trading market, you can realize your profit in as little as 5 minutes and make a profit even when the market goes down. An ROI of 400% and more is not uncommon.  Want to learn more? Contact us. THIS is Futures Trading Your neighborhood lemonade stand also buys low and sells high.  The same principle, but they take possession of an item and they have inventory and customers and overhead, etc. Futures Trading is the best business ever. You have no inventory or supplies, and no employees, no sales staff or expensive office space, and no customers. Does this sound like a great business to you? Would you be more interested if I told you $500K a year is not too high a goal? Or double that? That's a lot of lemonade. Of course, this is not something you can do overnight. This is not a get-rich scheme. This does take [...]

Jobs For Veterans in a Changing World

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The world changed and now what? Your career in uniform is behind you and a new mission is in front of you. Time marches on and you can't stand by as it moves on down the road. How do you make the correct decisions when this is a new territory and new terrain for you; a new mission requiring new tools and training?  Until you gather your assets and see the obstacles in front of you, how can you make a clear plan of action? We can provide answers to those questions. How you can adapt and succeed. Learn more about the S&P500 Trading Group. The best ever business I have found. A great path to follow when you have to try something new is an opportunity called Futures Trading. Don't be fooled with a fancy name, this is a very simple business model where you buy low and sell high. The exact same model as a lemonade stand on the corner with a kid making money. All businesses and all commerce revolves around this age-old principle. Would you be surprised to know that you already have quite a bit of the training needed to be successful? With the training you received during your military career, you know how to plan and execute a mission.  The business world is very similar to the planning, training, and execution. Making Mistakes are part of your Training Also, you know that mistakes will be made and some of your best training will come from recognizing those mistakes and changing your plan. Observe, learn, adapt and execute. One great aspect of the S&P500 Trading Group is the way we allow you to make mistakes during the training portion without financial risk. We teach capital preservation and risk analysis upfront to keep you from losing your hard-earned money. Mistakes during training should always be a positive experience and not a fatal mistake. We excel at training. Let me show you the map to your objective and point out the rough spots along the way. This same road you are on has been traveled many, many times and we have a good map and answers for you.  I have been where you are and searched for years for that great or even perfect job, and I finally found the futures trading business. The Best Business Ever. The S&P500 Trading Group The business that fulfilled my financial goals and also gave me the freedom to enjoy my free time; and I now own a great business. This business is called futures trading and I highly recommend it to veterans and retirees alike.  If you need to earn more money or just want to stay busy and add to your retirement fund without a full-time job, look no further. This business revolves around simple and age-old techniques. Let's call them "Old School" solutions. You've been trained to pay attention to detail, cause the small things count. So, pay attention. Buy Low and Sell High. That is the answer to [...]

Start your Six Figure Trading Career, with the right education

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I usually have 2 types of people that visit my site. Those that know very little or nothing about futures trading, stocks or other financial instruments, but they want to earn extra money or change careers and redefine their financial goals. Those that know a little about trading stocks, bonds, day traders, and other financial instruments but have not been successful in the past. They know their education is lacking, but who do you turn to? They really do want to earn more money. We welcome both of you, to our trading workshop group. Here you can find out if you are the person to enjoy a new and financially rewarding career. Here is where you go to learn about reaching your financial goals. Follow along and I will do my best to keep it simple.  Then, I'll tell you a little more about our school. 4 simple steps to financial freedom Contact Us.  We want to ask you a few questions to see how we can help you. In some cases, we will advise you to not join our group. We have the history and experience to know who can succeed in this awesome career.  Again send me an email. My team will get back to you quickly.  We would love to talk to you and find out your goals. Look at our free online Career Course class. Just spend a few minutes and you can decide for yourself if $500K a year or more is something you want to do. We will invite you to our private trading session where we teach and share with up to 300 people each session. You can observe and when the class is opened to questions, you may ask questions about what you have seen.  Usually, it will take 2 sessions in order to really see what we do. A personal representative assigned to you will help you to design the course of study to get you where you want to be. As I said before, we have new people and experienced traders alike that join our group to continue their education and reach their financial goals. 4 simple steps to show you the path to earn up to a 500% return on your money. No, I did not stutter.  I did say 500%. Compare that with your current savings or 401k. You can do this! We offer the education and you supply the time, effort, and energy. I know I have not discussed the cost yet, but I want you to see the difference between the cost and the price before we move ahead. My focus with this site is to reach out to veterans and Law Enforcement Officers; as you can see when you check out the rest of our site.   We honor their service and sacrifice. But even if you did not serve in uniform, if you are reading this article, you are welcome here.   Autumn Laptop We are so confident that you will understand [...]