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What did you do today for Freedom ?

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In uncertain times, it' s a comfort to have men and women standing beside you that you trust and they trust  you.  So what has changed? You're a civilian now, and  the feeling of isolation and the uneasy sense of no mission or even despair seems to affect every aspect of your life. The partner you walk or rode a beat with, the men in your squad or company. It seems as if it was in another world so long ago and so far away.   You are not alone. The world has changed and you have changed too. Try as you may, you can't go back in time to those days that your  memory has told you were the "good old days". The wet and cold marches in the mud, the sleepless nights on watch and yes the fear that you may miss something and your buddies would pay for your mistake. The battle to keep your eyes open and not fall asleep as you dream of eating a hot meal at home.   Yes, those are the "good old days that some how still haunt you. Remember the day you got off the plane and stepped on to American soil and literally kissed the ground? Well, those are the good old days too. For the LEO, the day or 2 or 3 when the adrenaline finally when away after a bloody fight to save your partner or your self from some godless hopped up asshole criminal. Your nerves finally calmed down and you could hold down a meal. These memories are what make you who you are. They are not so much good or bad, but they are your memories and men and women like you share in these. How you respond now will write you future story. Join a team. Find someone to talk to. Don't isolate your self.   And you can answer this question for the rest of your life , knowing you stepped up to the plate and did your part for others; For your friends and family.  Don't let your mind lie to you. You have value.  Your world is changing, but you are changing too. Please talk to someone. You carried a heavy burden for what seems forever, and now is the time to share that burden, share the load. There are so many men and women that really do care and would gladly help with that load you are struggling to carry. Let us help.   The World as we see it today is not what you worked to prevent, but the day is still young and there are many men and women standing behind you to step up and fight that good fight you endured for so long.  Give them a chance to prove they are as committed to Freedom and you are. Trust them. Let them step up and help as you so freely did when you started this journey.   If you have any thoughts of [...]

CSM Bennie Adkins , RIP

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December 16, 2020.  A day of morning and a day of reunion. Today at Arlington National Cemetery, funeral services were held for Army Special Forces Medal of Honor recipient COMMAND SERGEANT MAJOR BENNIE ADKINS . CSM Adkins was reunited with  the love of his life, his wife of 58 years,Mary; who was buried at Arlington Cemetery last year.  Many use the term hero. Few are a hero as this man was. His life and sacrifice was defined not by his extraordinary courage or bravery ; but by his love of his fellow soldiers. The peril he faced as he saved the men around him that certainly would perish but for his actions under fire.   Command Sergeant Major Bennie Adkins   The record of his actions and sacrifice are too long to list here. Please take some time and find out at the highlighted links; more about his life and the lives he saved.   Till we meet again Sergeant Major. You are a true hero. Your example gives meaning to the small sacrifice most of us endure while in uniform. You will be missed.   Bennie and Mary , March of 2015   In lieu of flowers, the family requests that you honor Mary and Bennie here.  

88 MPH. What’s in Your Future $$

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If you owned an authentic DeLorean and it was a real time machine, would you change your future by going into the past or go into the future to see how to change your current behavior and affect the future in a positive way? Sounds like a hard choice, right? Follow along and let's get real. Let's talk about money and futures trading. #JobsForVeterans. Change your Future If you need to get to a better place in life this is a real option for you . How fun would that be? Or, how terrifying to see what could happen. I see very little chance of owning a real time machine; so let's get real. Let's get "Back to the Present".  Let's dwell on how we can change the present by the decisions we make today and tomorrow. It's not impossible; many people do this each year. But in the end, it's your choice. I want to tell you about FNL and Futures Trading and how to make good decisions. Good decisions and good money management will affect your future tremendously. Founded in 2020 and dedicated to its members. With the skills you have learned and the skills that we can share, you can start thinking about a new future.   Here is where we share these most important skills. FNL. Come and visit our trading sessions. See what we do and how we earn and learn. This may very well be right for you, and this is a great time to change your future. We use proven strategies and age-old wisdom to affect our present-day life. We learn together and we share our experiences. If you are already trading and want to become better, come and visit with us. This choice can really be a life-changing decision.  And yet the concept of what we can teach is not so complicated. Most people will shake their head and say, "I can do that!" Why did it take me this long to learn about futures trading? I can do this! If you are in uniform today, you know there comes a day when you cannot keep up the physical pace and, you need to move on and consider another profession. If you are comfortable in your retirement plan and you know you can retire in style, then no need read no further. If you have doubts about what to do after you leave the service behind, then read on. We have a great solution for your dilemma. Maybe you have already retired and want to have a part-time job that will earn you extra money. Full time or part time, futures trading can be very rewarding. How about this Future?  Maybe you would like to pay for that year-long RV trip while you meander the countryside and work from your mobile office. In the business of Futures Trading, we look at the conditions and the pricing of multiple financial indices and then we buy low and sell high. That is an age-old way [...]

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