Change is Not a bad Thing

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Change is not always bad. Many times from my perspective; I needed something to change.  I say this to encourage you to embrace change and don't fear it. With your training and a good work ethic you could change your entire career and become successful as you have always dreamed.  Consider futures trading and FNL. Futures Networks Live.   Let me share how I learned to change and became associated with FNL.  A big change from where I was (stuck doing the same mistakes over and over). After a couple tours in the Army and then the National Guard and Law Enforcement; I became a successful contractor and then I sold my company a few years back. I was doing a few consulting gigs, but I was getting bored so bad. I knew I had retired too quick and now it was time to go back to work and get out of the house again. My hobbies allowed me to travel, but as my brothers and mother aged; I wanted to stay closer to home. My grand kids were having school plays and now sporting events and concerts; so I still needed to be involved and an online company I joined that taught Futures Trading was ok for a couple years, but I was stalled in my trading career and going no where. ( and you will find out how expensive most online trading companies are)  My financial goals to retire were already met, but I wanted to leave a legacy for some charity groups and missions I have supported thru the years. By accident, I as introduced to FNL. Futures Networking Live.  Actually learning a new  trading career (Futures and Options Trading) would allow me to travel as I desired, stay home and work from my home office, or work a few hours a day as often as I liked. FNL. With this freedom, I could work on my financial goals and have a great new group of friends to visit and learn together. If I decided to work part time or full time, it's quite up to me. On call and on the way A time to remember, a time to change. This is how (by accident) I learned about FNL. Futures Networking Live. I was talking to a group of futures traders at a local monthly social meet-up. We belonged to a nationwide group and the local traders met together once a month to visit and talk Trading. The group was growing smaller, and I found out that a lot of people I knew and respected had formed a new group and were testing and exploring quite a few new ways to trade. This new group is called Futures Networks Live (aka FNL). FNL is a membership organization of non-professional market speculators that collectively enjoy social networking & collaborative market evaluation of futures markets & indices. FNL members help one another mitigate the inherent risks involved in trading by sharing their experiences & insights.   Memories [...]