Do you ever notice how things change and yet so much stays the same? I used the word SPAM incorrectly. It was meant this way and I apologize. I hate spam emails, I hate spam ads (paid ads) and I hate spam phone calls.

Dishonest advertising and claims beyond anything that is true, seems to be normal on the internet. Normal for people claiming you can earn 10’s of thousands of dollar$  in a short period of time.

They are spending a small amount of money to waste your time and take your money. The time thing is most important to me.  I really don’t want to waste your time, so if a career or a part time job in the financial trading industry does not interest you, then please feel free to keep scrolling.

If you study and examine what most online advertising claims, then compare and see what FNL (Futures Networking Live ) will actually deliver; then you will understand why spam is more than annoying, but false claims are dangerous.

I assume the spam industry is in good order. I see no signs of it letting up in the near future. Read on if you would like to lessen your chances of getting trapped in a spam offer or worse, even a fraud campaign. ( those will really cost you money). I really don’t mean to trash spam.( as a food product )  I have eaten it before and was glad to have it. But it was only as a means to satisfy my hunger.

If it looks too good to be true, It’s too good to be true. I write this article to recruit you to spend a few moments of your precious time and look at our member driven model and how we learn and earn.

Recent developments have had me transition from an educational/software based trading group to a more social collaboration and sharing trading group of non-professional traders whose primary goal is to lift each other up, share and collaborate new ideas, and overall make trading fun again!

Moving forward, this transition will benefit all in terms of the blogging that you will be reading and the structure of Futures Networks Live for all to participate at any level.  Another consideration was the cost of education between the two platforms and Futures Networks Live provided the cost benefit for long term growth and a positive ROI

Just as your time is precious, my time is very precious to me and I am not getting any younger. So, with that, take a moment; read on and find out what I found to be so valuable that I spend my time to get some of your time.

Money. Time. Health. Good looks. How important are each of these in your life?

How would you rate these 4 items as to importance in your life? If you put time and health at the top of the list, then you are smarter than 80% of the people I have met in my career as a soldier, businessman, and entrepreneur.  I can earn more money and I can always get a facelift, but no one will grant me time and when my health is not good, every minute seems an eternity and not in a good sense.

I cannot help you to look better, (except when I put a smile on your face) nor can I give you more time to enjoy. One thing I have found that helps to put a smile on my face and to be able to enjoy my time is earning more money. And, it’s not complicated. Most people can do this if trained properly.

What do you really know about Money Management?

Many people such as my self were never taught money  management skills nor ideas such as cost vs price. The idea that what you earn takes a back seat to what you retain. The idea of how to build wealth.

If you google a phrase such as “jobs”, or “easy business opportunities”, or “earn more money”, how long will it take you to sift through and identify the good, the bad, and the ugly? I can imagine doing this and leaving all these cookies on my computer. I would take a year to beat back all the spam and get rich schemes and outright fraud.  And since you are looking, maybe you need help to find the right fit for you and not a bunch of vultures picking you apart to find your wallet.

I found FNL (Futures Networking Live ) to be the most transparent company and the best value for your dollar. A company that will provide the training and the mentorship to get you to a great place in your life. You set your financial goals, and we can show you how to accomplish those goals. This is no BS and no spam. We are the real thing and we can prove it.

How bout this offer ?  Come and sit in on a few of our private trading sessions. We teach and trade using our proven techniques and you can see this live with no filters. As time permits, we will take questions from our visitors and you can see we have nothing to hide.

The partners and members at Futures Networks Live are non-professional traders who love to share and collaborate to help others obtain financial freedom. If you have reached this site, you probably notice we are focused on sharing and collaborating.  We share our knowledge with others in our group and we learn from each other. We have experienced members that lead the way and new members eager to enjoy a path to expanding their opportunities.

You will understand when you visit with us how we can offer an educational experience comparable to none. Contact us to come and join our group.

And, you can earn this career with the goal of little or no student debt as you earn while you learn.

I started this site for former military and Law Enforcement. I have enjoyed my time in uniform and I want to share with you an exit strategy or a way work at home and realize your financial goals.

As a company, FNL  honors your service and sacrifice and would like to show you a path/transition to a new career. A career with awesome possibilities. We understand the challenges of vets and LEO’s as they move forward in their career.


We want you to be financially independent and can show you how to get there. This is our way to honor your service to our country. Thru the years, we have found veterans have many of the skills such as self discipline, self motivation, and a superior work ethic needed to be a great futures trader. Lets Talk.


“We’ve Got Your Six”

If you would like to find out more about this awesome opportunity to become financially independent, please contact us here. 

FNL‘s member-driven model is the key to developing your trading abilities. Experienced members regularly contribute rich content to our virtual member resource center. Our members share a wealth of information. All of our resources have been both created and outsourced by our members to help you build a solid foundation.  We help you navigate through the vast amount of available content on the internet that lends itself as “trading education.” 
FNL members and visitors receive an unrivaled level of interactive support from an experienced member support team of actual traders