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Specially Prepared American Meat. SPAM

By |2019-11-26T15:15:08-06:00November 26th, 2019|$500K career, Best Business Ever, earn extra money|

Do you ever notice how things change and yet so much stays the same? I used the word SPAM incorrectly. It was meant this way and I apologize. I hate spam emails, I hate spam ads (paid ads) and I hate spam phone calls. They are spending a small amount of money to waste your time and get your money. The time thing is most important to me. I assume the spam industry is in good order. I see no signs of it letting up in the near future. Read on if you would like to lessen your chances of getting trapped in a spam offer or worse, even a fraud campaign. ( those will really cost you money). I really don't mean to trash spam. I have eaten it before and was glad to have it. If it looks too good to be true, It's too good to be true. I write this article to recruit you to spend a few moments of your precious time and look at our offering. Just as your time is precious, my time is very precious to me and I am not getting any younger. So, with that, take a moment; read on and find out what I found to be so valuable that I spend my time to get some of your time. Money. Time. Health. Good looks. How important are each of these in your life? How would you rate these 4 items as to importance in your life? If you put time and health at the top of the list, then you are smarter than 80% of the people I have met in my career as a soldier, businessman, and entrepreneur.  I can earn more money and I can always get a facelift, but no one will grant me time and when my health is not good, every minute seems an eternity and not in a good sense. I cannot help you to look better, (except when I put a smile on your face) nor can I give you more time to enjoy. One thing I have found that helps to put a smile on my face and to be able to enjoy my time is earning more money. And, it's not complicated. Most people can do this if trained properly. If you google a phrase such as "jobs", or "easy business opportunities", or "earn more money", how long will it take you to sift through and identify the good, the bad, and the ugly? I can imagine doing this and leaving all these cookies on my computer. I would take a year to beat back all the spam and get rich schemes and outright fraud.  And since you are looking, maybe you need help to find the right fit for you and not a bunch of vultures picking you apart to find your wallet. Here is what I found to be the most transparent company and the best value for your dollar. A company that will provide the expert [...]

An Encore Retirement

By |2019-11-01T07:44:41-05:00November 1st, 2019|earn extra money, education, Jobs for Veterans|

Do you need to earn extra money after you retire? Maybe a little or maybe a little more? You are not alone in this predicament. Not everyone can have a great job or 401K paid for by their employer. For many former military and law enforcement, retirement means looking for a new job. Don't worry though, this is not as hard as you think. We offer the education and the hands-on training to learn and earn, earn extra money or start a new $500K career. Not only can you make a bunch of money, but you can have time on your hands to explore that retirement and even travel while you make more money. Follow along with me here. Learn, earn, and have fun Learn Earn and have Fun If you can spend a few months or more, and learn an awesome new career, you really should check this out. If you don't have to worry about making a house payment or car payment for a while; then you are a candidate for our futures trading course. This potential to earn more than you did while working full time is very achievable. I can show you a plan that will allow you to travel and earn. Earn more than you think is possible. Once you see this simple plan and the math behind it, you will re-do your financial plans and smile the whole time. I can show you a simple path to a 500% return on your investment. Can you do that with a CD or your 401K? The S&P500 Futures Trading Group is unique in the industry.  The school we have operated for more than 8 years will walk you through everything you need, from the basics and up to the advanced trading strategies, if you want to go that far. We don't take a huge chunk of money and send you an email with some video clips to watch. We have the best personal tutors and we assign each member a personal liaison to help you go from start-up to success. You can start your own business and operate it as you travel. Of course, you will need a wi-fi connection. To prove to you how sincere we are, come and sit in on a session or two of our live trading/training sessions. Watch as up to 300 people converse, learn, and make money trading the S&P 500 index. Don't confuse us with day traders. We are discount traders and we trade during the day. Some trade early morning and some trade at night. You can develop your own style of trading and you pick when you want to trade. Some will start earning money in a couple of months.; and some, like me, took a bit longer before I learned the proper way to trade. We teach money management and capital preservation to make sure you can be successful. You are important to us because we care about our veterans and Law Enforcement Officers. [...]

Goals and Trolls, Who can You Trust?

By |2019-10-29T08:47:42-05:00October 29th, 2019|$500K career, earn extra money, financial goals|

Over 90% of what you see and read on the internet concerning day trading, involves fraudsters giving misinformation and conning you into going down the wrong path; they are called Internet Trolls. Many industries have them, and a lot of the general public is not educated to recognize if a source is legitimate or a fraud. Follow along with us and watch a short video to see how to protect yourself from internet fraud. Learn about the best companies, that will do what they say and help you to success with your financial goals; from earning extra money to a $500K career. This video will explain in-depth, what should I look for before I spent my hard-earned money to make a lot of money. Spend a few moments and learn some wisdom for a lifetime. Hard work, Nectar of the Gods The BEST trading companies will: Show you, not tell you Be transparent Have mentors Have an Academy Have a live chat with group members Not have negative postings Be Risk Averse If the concepts in the video above make sense and you are looking to earn money or a lot of money, contact us and let's talk. I would like to invite you to a live trading/training session and show you we are the real deal. Contact us to get a password and enter a live online private session. The founder of the S&P500 Trading Group is an Army veteran. He has found and donated scholarship money through his corporation to serve former or retired military and law enforcement. This is his thanks to our protectors of freedom, offering reduced cost and fees to veterans and law enforcement; and opening new fields to men and women; so deserving of our help. This is an amazing opportunity in a non-traditional field; that deserves to be investigated. This may well be the exit strategy you have dreamed of. If you would like to find out more about this awesome opportunity to become financially independent, please contact us here.   

The Perfect Part Time Job

By |2019-10-27T13:03:35-05:00October 27th, 2019|earn extra money, Jobs for Veterans|

  When you go out and do an internet search looking for ways to earn extra money or “jobs for veterans” how many times have you been inundated with ads and just totally spammed with links that have nothing to do what you were looking for? After a few searches like this did you just give up in despair? I'm here to tell you; not All Is Lost. I'm not here to spam you, I'm not here to rip you off. I'm here to share with you; a fellow veteran, that if you need to earn some extra money or if you even want to start a new career it's not as difficult as you think. This new part-time job or career will allow you to use some of your money and generate double, triple, or even 5 times your investment. We are unique in the industry in the fact that we offer end-to-end support. The highest level of support to make sure that you can be successful. Don’t waste your time sorting through hundreds of gimmick offers and rip-off sites. If you have the time to sort through hundreds and hundreds of job offerings and multi-level marketing offers and offers that you could never even understand, then take just a few moments and look at what I have to offer you. You may have never heard of futures trading before today, but it is a multi-billion dollar a day industry. And you can get into this industry with a $3000 trading account. And of course, you’ll need an education before you start to trade. That’s where we come in. That is what we do best. Been There, Done That Here’s my story. I had already retired….. twice. I had time on my hands, and I was looking to earn some extra money. I dabbled in real estate. I dabbled in flipping homes. My career in the energy field gave me a good view of multiple industries. I had just started a new contracting business, but I found out I had some physical limitations and that were very frustrating and kept me from a lot of activities that I had performed in the past. I knew change was coming. My time as a soldier was long past and my time as a general contractor was fading. I enjoyed the physical labor of my career, but past injuries and time had slowed me down. My college was put off due to the war, marriage, children, and life in general. I have paid for hundreds of hours of technical courses to stay on top of communication and energy distribution technology. I studied hard during my short 10 years in the military and then I studied even more to obtain state and federal licenses for my contracting businesses.  And of course, a big change in the industry sent me back to school again. It was called the computer age. Now you can learn as you earn. Now comes the Good Part Not only [...]

Pull the Pin, Let the spoon Fly

By |2019-10-24T10:28:18-05:00October 24th, 2019|earn extra money, education, financial goals|

“We’ve Got Your Six” How did you get to the point you felt safe handling explosives such as a claymore or hand-grenade? Simple, education. Did you get this education from a video, or hands-on?  If your life depends on it, which one would you choose for your education?  If you want to earn extra money or maybe a six-figure career, would an on-line course be better than a live, hand-on class with expert teachers showing you over and over until you could do this in your sleep?  Guess what, your money and your future is just this important and we can show you how to be successful with Futures Trading. Noise Makers for sure!  Let the spoon fly, or Click Click Do you remember the 1st time you pulled the pin and watched the spoon fly?  Can you still feel it in your gut? Have you ever set the stakes on a claymore and looked at the letters “Front towards Enemy”?  Does your butt get tight, kinda like looking over the edge of a cliff?  Well; you can be thankful; you are normal. It takes lots and lots of pulling pins and clicking claymores before that gut feeling subsides. Before you take a chance, get some good training.  Starting a new career or just learning to earn extra money is no different.   Train and then Train some more. How bout learning to pack your parachute online? Now that would be exciting when you make that 1st jump. It's OK to train for some skills on-line but some things are best done with a real teacher and hands-on. And repeated over and over until you have muscle memory for that skill.   We offer an end to end solution with real teachers. Sure, there is plenty of training you can do by your self, but we will be there all the way helping and guiding you to success.  No other school or college offers this level of support.  If you are considering a new career, don't trust your time and treasure to an on-line School.  Look at our training academy and you see 1st hand what we do. We are the S&P500 Trading Group. Our tool to make money is Futures Trading.  It's OK if you don't understand what that is, but I assure you. Futures Trading is a very powerful tool to accumulate wealth. Are you curious? Would a six-figure income get your interest? Spend a moment with us and change your life. Contact us, check out our free career course and if this looks like you want in on an amazing new skill set, we can let you come a visit a live but private training/trading session. We have nothing to hide, so we can let you behind the scenes to see a real-world trading session and real people making money.   We train people to trade futures on the S&P500 Emini market. Your own business with no inventory. No employees. No customers. No advertising and no big offices or fleets [...]

That perfect Job. The One I’ve Been Looking for

By |2019-10-23T18:10:18-05:00October 23rd, 2019|earn extra money, financial goals|

Have you been walking through what seems to be a desert? A career desert. There's no work; and when you find a job, it just doesn't seem to fit you. This is a job desert. I've been there and wandered for months at a time until I found an oasis. Well, like a treasure you find in the desert, here is a solution; an answer to your quest. If you are looking to earn extra money or re-set your career with a $500K income, We've Got Your Six.  And, you can be the boss of this operation too. We've Got Your Six The job you have been searching for is not just a job and it is available.  It's a business startup, not a J.O.B.  The vehicle to meet your financial goals now and for the future.  The name for this business is the S&P500 Trading Group. We are accepting applications for our group. Don't be surprised when you find out how qualified you are. We want you to join us in this journey to financial freedom.  This is so awesome, you have to come see for your self. We want to invite you to our online trading group and take a look-see. The S&P500 Trading Group is really a treasure in the middle of a big dry desert. Look around, you won't find another like us. This is not a storefront/retail business. This is not a multi-level marketing thing you sell to your friends' kinda business.  You don't need a high rent fancy office.  This business has no employees, except a good CPA to help you with all the money you can make. This is Futures Trading.  I know many people from the military and law enforcement may not be familiar with this term.  It is a simple way to buy into the market and then sell when the market goes up.  Buy low and Sell high. Our portion of this business is to teach you the safe and proper way to make money in the financial market. This is the same thing a kid does at a lemonade stand. You buy what you need, you put it up for sale at a profit, and then you pocket the difference.  Actually, the technical description of the futures market is "Contract for Difference".  You contract with your broker to buy at maybe $50 and when the price goes up to $ 54; which is your profit target; then you sell. We call this a trade. A contract for difference. This difference is what makes the world go round, and you can be a small part or a big part of the profit difference. When Life Gives you Lemons, Make Money You enter or get into a trade when you buy and you get out of the trade (exit) when you sell.  We always calculate our entry and exit prices before we enter a trade.  This is a very important way to ensure you are profitable in the long run. We stress and [...]

The Fog of War

By |2019-11-10T19:31:27-06:00October 22nd, 2019|earn extra money, financial goals|

When the fog of confusion is present, how do you make the right decisions?  When you are looking to make a career move or just earn extra money, how do you know which internet ad is going to be what they say they are and which one is just spam?  The thousands of paid ads that pop up and the spam that follows is enough to scare off most job hunters. Guess What?  You came to the right place if you want to earn some extra money or even start a $500K career in Futures Trading. This drawing was presented to me at a grade school where I was giving a talk to my granddaughter's 4th-grade class as a featured local veteran. I immediately knew the artist would one day become a General; due to the fact; at an early age he could recognize the “Fog of War”. So.... I present to you FM 6-20 and all the fun you can stand. Do you know if you made the right decision? How can you know if you picked the right path, or if you picked the right company to do business with?  The spam and the hucksters are so pervasive and so convincing.  The S&P500 Trading Group would like you to check out what we do and how we do it before you make a decision.  We are unique in the industry and provide an end to end solution for you to learn and earn. In Military life, there is little doubt about your job and your mission. You know what you are about and you train, and you train some more to succeed in that mission.  When you transition to civilian life you will find the mission objectives are clear, but how do you complete the mission? You recognize the roadblocks to success and wonder how to overcome those barriers. We are proud of our mission which is to train you for success. No spam, no BS;  just results. If you have some snowflake in you, you can quit reading now. We won't waste your time, and vice versa. As a civilian, I enjoy making the plans for my company and also executing the plan. I know who is responsible for the glory and the “oh Hells”.  Look at the above drawing and see if the 4th grader who drew this is on target. He seemed to cover all the bases. So.... What about you. Now that you have a DD214 what is your next step? Your Skills will Bring you Through the Fog to success in the Civilian World If you are doing your re-con for a new career.  A plan to make money in a future job; or business, prepare to copy. There is so much “fog” out there when you are looking to transition to a new job or start a new business. I hope you would consider a non-traditional career in the financial market. Specifically, futures trading. With your skills you already have, you can learn [...]

Everyones Happy When Things are Looking Up

By |2019-10-30T12:42:13-05:00October 19th, 2019|earn extra money, education, Futures Trading|

What goes up... Make money when it goes down too. Futures Trading When the market goes up, I hear the chatter in the coffee shop and people are happy and bragging about their financial prowess.  Everyone is happy when the market is up. Then a Fed Report comes out and everyone is in the dumps. And the cycle continues.  Are you looking to earn extra money or reset your career making six figures a year?  If you want out of this merry-go-round emotional roller coaster, we need to talk. Come and visit with us and see how we can make a difference. See how we can smooth out the ups and downs and let you focus on making money. Going Up I know this may sound technical and complicated, but it really can be simple if you will spend some time and effort on the proper training. When you look at your financial future and see the ups and downs you suffered through, don't you think you deserve a break. After all, you worked hard to get where you are. Why should some suit in D.C. cause such chaos in your life every time he steps in front of a camera? The answer is simple in this scenario.  You look ahead, do your re-con, and plan for the market to get crazy for a short time period. We can teach you these strategies. You already have skills from the military that will aid you in futures trading. You already know more than you realize, you just need to see a new context and learn about discount trading which is actually Futures Trading. Going Down If you invest in the stock market, are you smiling when the market drops? If you want to see a profit from selling high and buying low when the market goes down; check out the Futures Trading market. We make money when the market goes up and when it is going down.  This allows you to double your exposure to great trades and profit. I have personally and on a regular basis seen an ROI of 30% and more.  And, I am talking about a daily ROI; not just yearly.   Making a Profit in the Downtrend and the Uptrend. Futures Trading! I want to show you how this is possible.  Come and visit our trading session. We have live online sessions every business day.  No-Risk, No Cost.  We will give you a free pass to a couple of our sessions to show you how transparent we are and that we back up our claims. If you are contemplating a new career or you have been disappointed in your portfolio performance; come and visit with us. Contact us and we will be glad to let you sit in on a couple of our live trading sessions. See for yourself how we trade and earn money.  Watch us trade and run the numbers so you can see the ROI. Do the math and you will [...]

Can’t See Your Way to Take on Student Debt?

By |2019-10-23T09:03:20-05:00October 8th, 2019|earn extra money, financial goals|

You are not alone if the prospect of student loans is frightening. The money you borrow and the time it takes to pay it back is truly scary. And then, when you graduate and don't find the job you want, what do you do now?  How do I meet my financial goals?  There is a profession that will allow you to earn money as you learn. Bypass the student loan debt trap and enjoy a business start-up model like no other. If you want to earn extra money or start a $500K career, then you came to the right site. This business has no employees, no inventory, nothing to sell, and requires only a small area to operate in plus wi-fi, and a computer.  Two screens are better than one, but many people use a laptop and a separate screen to learn and earn. With no expensive accounting programs to purchase or upkeep, and no advertising costs; I have found this the easiest business I have ever operated. I can say this because I am a member of the S&P500 Trading Group. So, if you are kicking around the idea of a new career, a new business, or wanting to achieve your financial goals, we can help. If you have investments that are not performing to your standard and want a much higher rate of return on your money, Let's Talk. You will not find a more complete education than here at our school. We have the only school of it's kind. Shop till you drop and you will not find another school that can bring together the practical knowledge and the application of that knowledge.  This is the education that can propel you to financial freedom. Putting your money on the line to earn money is risky. It is also highly profitable. We want you to make money. We want you to succeed.  Mitigate that risk with the proper training in Futures Trading, risk management, and capital preservation solutions. You may be starting off in the business world or you may be an experienced trader. Either way, if you will come and spent time with us ( no charge ) and see what we do; you will surely re-define your financial goals. You will see what we do, and we pull no punches.  With as many as 300 people in our daily sessions, we learn together and discuss trading strategies as a group. We learn from our experienced group leaders. If you are in a position that you can train without trying to make rent money and car payments, you may be trading and earning money in as little as six weeks. This is not a promise, but a real possibility. We do not gamble. If anything; we want you to be like the Casino; not gambling but consistently making money. Our S&P500 Trading Group academy is an awesome way to bypass tons of student debt and earn money as you acquire more and more training.  We can help you to establish [...]

The Road To Success Thru Futures Trading

By |2019-10-24T15:06:58-05:00September 25th, 2019|earn extra money, education, financial goals, Jobs for Veterans|

Let’s Talk about the road to your money goal$   Let's talk about the road to SUCCESS. In all my years, Military and in Business; very few people want to talk about money. My stockbroker was eager to talk to me;  until the bottom fell out of the market. My banker was not too keen on talking about money (until I owed him lots of money). If you are looking at retirement and want to earn extra money or start a new $500K career; read on. I guess I learned from my parents that we don’t talk about money because we never had enough. When you go out on a farm or ranch, it ‘s considered bad manners to ask a rancher “How many head of cattle do you have?" It’s sort of like asking, “How much money do you have? “   All this talk about money. Do you think your path to success may involve obtaining some money?  Well, of course, you will need money. Money lubricates the gears of commerce and widens the path to success. But how much money? The picture above may seem like a goat path to many. I can assure you, the reason it does not look well worn or traveled, is because so many people do not recognize this path and they take another route. The path I can show you; is the road to success, and I can’t wait to show you what’s over the hill. You will be amazed and excited when you see what we do. Develop Goals and Manage your path to those Goals So, with money being such a big part of everyone’s life; why not talk more about it. There is a road to success and it is well defined, but not often traveled. Here at the S&P500 Trading Group, we teach money management and capital preservation to start you on the right path. Don't spend all you have for a school that only offers youTube videos and paper trading. This is no Bull Come join us for a couple of free passes to our live trading sessions.  You'll start to see what we are so excited about. The vehicle we use to meet your financial goals is called Futures Trading. It may sound scary or high priced, but don’t be skeeered. So many people like yourself have mastered this skill and are now financially independent. If you have never traded futures, or if you have; when you come to our online live trading sessions, you will learn.  The purpose of our free invite is to show you how transparent we are. How real we are.  And, you will learn. And, If time permits during each session, our moderators will answer questions from the new people attending. There are no other schools like the S&P500 Trading Group. The mentoring and the training program is unsurpassed. This is not a get rich scheme. You cannot buy your way into financial success, you have to learn and earn. [...]

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