So Now You’re Retired. What now?

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You did your 20 and now you're out. But what to do now. Can you live like you want on the pay from your retirement? Can you sit around and do nothing? What is the next step in the rest of your career? Have you heard about Futures Trading? Understanding Futures Trading as an awesome Business or Hobby Walmart and HomeDepot are some great options if you have no place to go or you don't have the funds to travel. But will this meet your financial goals? Maybe a gig doing some security work or start a small business fixing and repairing stuff. If these last options don't really appeal to you, then keep reading and let me tell you about a small business that needs no college degree, no selling, no inventory, nor do you have to get your friends and neighbors to buy soap or sell timeshares. It's not every day that people talk about Futures Trading, but everyone probably knows more about futures trading than you realize. It really is simple. You buy low and you sell high. If you ran a lemonade stand when you were a kid or you had a paper route, you learned about this. The simple concept of discount trading. Buy low and sell high. You trade something you bought at a lower price and pocket the profit. Now, was that hard? Now you understand the basics of Futures Trading. If you owned a retail business; you sell an item from a website, you take the order, take the money, and then you turn around and have your wholesaler ship the item to the customer. In this case, you never touched the item, but you did the deal and got the profit from the trade. I say this, because you don't take possession of any of the manufactured items or commodities from these Corporations. You only deal with a contract for the price at that time. We are not trading stocks, We are trading the S&P500 index.  This is an electronically traded futures contract on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. This is an index fund comprised of the best of the best 500 stocks . In Futures Trading, you make an offer to buy a contract in a financial market such as the S&P500 index and when the price changes, you sell that contract and you receive the difference. There are many markets that sell these contracts but the best one to learn in is the S&P500. Representing 500 of the best stocks in the world. When you master this concept you can trade currency, precious metals, oil, and other markets besides the S&P500. FNL (Futures Networking Live ) will be adding classes in options trading as soon as we line up the best instructors.   There is risk involved with any financial trading, but this is where Futures Networks Live excels. We are unique in the industry with a plethora of traders that want to share and collaborate to help you achieve your [...]