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No College Degree? No Problem.

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I admire the tenacity shown by veterans that pursue and obtain a college degree, but many veterans will not pursue a college degree or may not finish their degree. Your lack of a college degree is not an impediment to a great career in the financial field. I want to encourage you to look at Futures Trading. This lessor known financial instrument can propel you to a $500K career and you don't have to obtain a college degree. No, the degree does not dictate your earning potential. Electricians and plumbers can earn $100,000 a year without any college. Granted, most states require 5 years minimum training and annual tests to get to the Masters Level; but they work and earn a salary as they train. Many employers will pay for technical training and the employee has no student debt. Futures Trading is no different.  While you learn, you can trade futures and as your knowledge and experience increase, so do your profits. Most students will pass the $100K mark within 2 years of trading/training if they truly invest their time, energy, and effort. When you earn that kind of money, your student debt should be non-existent. S&P 500 training academy is unique in the industry. We use industry experts and experienced Traders to deliver online classes multiple times per day. You will not find this anywhere else in the industry. Many online companies will offer you the moon, but after a huge outlay in capital, you will find that all you have are some online self-paced lessons and promises of success.  Need a Change from The Daily Grind?   We offer you the opportunity to come and sit in on our private online mentored classes. Come and see how transparent we are. With up to 300 people in class at the same time, you will find; we have nothing to hide. We learn and earn; and we share with each other, as some traders will have years of experience and many are brand new traders just learning the jargon.  This is our end-to-end solution so that you can learn and earn on your way to success. As you look at our model, come and visit us in our private members-only online sessions, surely you will reset your financial goals when you understand the profit to be made in this industry.  Should you decide to join the S&P 500 trading group, we will assign you a personal liaison to make sure that you progress through each training section and grow your knowledge and experience. All the time, practicing capital preservation and risk management. I owned an electrical contracting company for 20+ years. Imagine my disappointment when I hired various professionals with a 4 or 5 yr degree in the construction industry and found they did not possess the basic skills needed to oversee a small $50,000 project, or they could not design a control system that most electricians would design and install in a matter of hours. I say this to [...]

Jobs For Veterans in a Changing World

By |2019-12-03T10:04:29-06:00December 3rd, 2019|$500K career, Earn More Money, financial goals|

The world changed and now what? Your career in uniform is behind you and a new mission is in front of you. Time marches on and you can't stand by as it moves on down the road. How do you make the correct decisions when this is a new territory and new terrain for you; a new mission requiring new tools and training?  Until you gather your assets and see the obstacles in front of you, how can you make a clear plan of action? We can provide answers to those questions. How you can adapt and succeed. Learn more about the S&P500 Trading Group. The best ever business I have found. A great path to follow when you have to try something new is an opportunity called Futures Trading. Don't be fooled with a fancy name, this is a very simple business model where you buy low and sell high. The exact same model as a lemonade stand on the corner with a kid making money. All businesses and all commerce revolves around this age-old principle. Would you be surprised to know that you already have quite a bit of the training needed to be successful? With the training you received during your military career, you know how to plan and execute a mission.  The business world is very similar to the planning, training, and execution. Making Mistakes are part of your Training Also, you know that mistakes will be made and some of your best training will come from recognizing those mistakes and changing your plan. Observe, learn, adapt and execute. One great aspect of the S&P500 Trading Group is the way we allow you to make mistakes during the training portion without financial risk. We teach capital preservation and risk analysis upfront to keep you from losing your hard-earned money. Mistakes during training should always be a positive experience and not a fatal mistake. We excel at training. Let me show you the map to your objective and point out the rough spots along the way. This same road you are on has been traveled many, many times and we have a good map and answers for you.  I have been where you are and searched for years for that great or even perfect job, and I finally found the futures trading business. The Best Business Ever. The S&P500 Trading Group The business that fulfilled my financial goals and also gave me the freedom to enjoy my free time; and I now own a great business. This business is called futures trading and I highly recommend it to veterans and retirees alike.  If you need to earn more money or just want to stay busy and add to your retirement fund without a full-time job, look no further. This business revolves around simple and age-old techniques. Let's call them "Old School" solutions. You've been trained to pay attention to detail, cause the small things count. So, pay attention. Buy Low and Sell High. That is the answer to [...]

Start your Six Figure Trading Career, with the right education

By |2019-12-02T06:37:01-06:00December 2nd, 2019|Earn More Money, education, financial goals|

I usually have 2 types of people that visit my site. Those that know very little or nothing about futures trading, stocks or other financial instruments, but they want to earn extra money or change careers and redefine their financial goals. Those that know a little about trading stocks, bonds, day traders, and other financial instruments but have not been successful in the past. They know their education is lacking, but who do you turn to? They really do want to earn more money. We welcome both of you, to our trading workshop group. Here you can find out if you are the person to enjoy a new and financially rewarding career. Here is where you go to learn about reaching your financial goals. Follow along and I will do my best to keep it simple.  Then, I'll tell you a little more about our school. 4 simple steps to financial freedom Contact Us.  We want to ask you a few questions to see how we can help you. In some cases, we will advise you to not join our group. We have the history and experience to know who can succeed in this awesome career.  Again send me an email. My team will get back to you quickly.  We would love to talk to you and find out your goals. Look at our free online Career Course class. Just spend a few minutes and you can decide for yourself if $500K a year or more is something you want to do. We will invite you to our private trading session where we teach and share with up to 300 people each session. You can observe and when the class is opened to questions, you may ask questions about what you have seen.  Usually, it will take 2 sessions in order to really see what we do. A personal representative assigned to you will help you to design the course of study to get you where you want to be. As I said before, we have new people and experienced traders alike that join our group to continue their education and reach their financial goals. 4 simple steps to show you the path to earn up to a 500% return on your money. No, I did not stutter.  I did say 500%. Compare that with your current savings or 401k. You can do this! We offer the education and you supply the time, effort, and energy. I know I have not discussed the cost yet, but I want you to see the difference between the cost and the price before we move ahead. My focus with this site is to reach out to veterans and Law Enforcement Officers; as you can see when you check out the rest of our site.   We honor their service and sacrifice. But even if you did not serve in uniform, if you are reading this article, you are welcome here.   Autumn Laptop We are so confident that you will understand [...]

So Now You’re Retired. What now?

By |2019-11-22T08:38:14-06:00November 22nd, 2019|$500K career, Best Business Ever, Earn More Money|

You did your 20 and now you're out. But what to do now. Can you live like you want on the pay from your retirement? Can you sit around and do nothing? What is the next step in the rest of your career? Walmart and HomeDepot are some great options if you have no place to go or you don't have the funds to travel. But will this meet your financial goals? Maybe a gig doing some security work or start a small business fixing and repairing stuff. If these last options don't really appeal to you, then keep reading and let me tell you about a small business that needs no college degree, no selling, no inventory, nor do you have to get your friends and neighbors to buy soap or sell timeshares. It's not every day that people talk about Futures Trading, but everyone probably knows more about futures trading than you realize. It really is simple. You buy low and you sell high. Now, was that hard?  If you ran a lemonade stand when you were a kid or you had a paper route, you learned about this. The simple concept of discount trading. You trade something you bought at a lower price and pocket the profit. Now you understand the basics of Futures Trading. We are not trading stocks, We are trading the S&P500 Emini. This is an electronically traded futures contract on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. This is an index fund comprised of the best of the best 500 stocks you run a store, you buy wholesale and you sell retail. If you sell an item from a website, you take the order, take the money, and then turn around and have your wholesaler ship the item to the customer. In this case, you never touched the item, but you did the deal and got the profit from the trade. In Futures Trading, you make an offer to buy a contract in a financial market such as the S&P500 index and when the price changes, you sell that contract and you receive the difference. There are many markets that sell these contracts but the best one to learn in is the S&P500. 500 of the best stocks in the world. When you master this concept you can trade currency, precious metals, oil, and many other markets.   There is risk involved with any financial trading, but this is where the S&P500 Trading Group excels. We are unique in the industry with respect to the training and mentorship we provide. No one comes close to the complete training we offer. At this time, we offer 10 hrs a day of live training/trading sessions that offer everything from basic or boot camp to advanced level trading strategies.  Our instructors are seasoned traders and industry experts. We start you off in an online boot camp to show you the basic terms and then it's on to practice sessions using a simulator. (kinda like a flight simulator). You are assigned [...]

Slow is Smooth , Smooth is FAST

By |2019-11-21T06:23:28-06:00November 21st, 2019|$500K career, Earn More Money, Jobs for Veterans|

Have you recently retired and want to start a new career? Do you have misgivings about your training and the chances of learning a new career? Let me show you how prepared you really are for a new career. The mantra for our combat techniques has evolved to "Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast." Meaning you can be fast if you take your time and do your job properly. You can be fast upfront and maybe miss a detail or a step in your checklist. Then if you fail, and you have to go back and start over. Let's relate this to success in your chosen career. This is the other angle on the slow-fast idea.  Do it right and do it once is faster over the long run. Keep reading to see how this works in business also and you can have the best business ever. You've heard it, you've done it, and you know it works. Slow is smooth, smooth is Fast.  Learn to do your job correctly and take the time to do it right. These same skills you've practiced can get you ahead of the game of making a butt load of money. No kiddin. With some more education and training, you can earn extra money or start a $500K per year career. Your call. High Speed - Low Drag Business that's  easy to operate If you've retired and need more income, check us out. If you ETS'ed and have a bit of time on your hands before you have to start back digging ditches or you're looking for a new career; check us out. Futures Trading is not complicated. You can learn the technical skills in less than six weeks.  Granted, you will not be an expert in six weeks, but some people have made money in less time than that. It took me 6 months, but this is really the best business ever and the best investment I have ever made. If I told you that with a 2-year education you could be knocking down $300k or more; would you be interested?  Our instructors are seasoned traders and industry experts. We can teach you a new career and show you the right way to earn great money. After all, in any profession, there is a right way and a wrong way. In futures trading, the right way will earn you more than you imagined and the wrong way will leave you broke and wondering how did I screw this up. No Bull, what you see is what you get I know you've heard of a bull market and a bear market. The bull market is a market (stock prices) going up. The bear market is the market prices going down. Most investors know how to make money when the market is going up. You Buy Low and Sell High. What if I told you that you can do the same thing in a Bear Market?  Welcome to Futures Trading. We make money going up [...]

Futures Trading and the path from the dirt to the shelf to the Bank

By |2019-11-21T05:42:34-06:00November 20th, 2019|Earn More Money, education, Futures Trading|

If you wonder about the title of this post, give me a minute The last part of the title should get your interest; as it talks about a trip to the bank.  You need to educate yourself about money so it will not be so difficult to obtain. With proper training, you can enter the field of investing and learn a new and exciting trade. If you want to earn more money or start a new career making $500K or more, then read on. Spend a few minutes and learn how this can change your future and help to meet your financial goal for the future. First, let me tell you a bit of why futures are so important to our overall economy and then we can discuss some of the math of making money. And then we'll talk about the Best Business Ever. From the Dirt to a T-Shirt Have you heard the term  Futures Trading before?  Or did you even know that it impacts a huge portion of our economy?  Futures trading introduces a calming effect on market prices. This short story will help you understand the stabilizing effect of futures trading and how it helps all aspects of our economy. And not just the American Economy. Let's pick on one small part of our economy. Cotton. A homegrown product. Why would you be concerned with the price of cotton?  Let me show you how this simple crop affects so many people in different ways. From the farmer to the major brand Clothing Store.  Follow the path of this plant from the time it goes into the ground until it ends up on the shelf of a store where you pay your hard-earned money to take it home with you. From the ground to the shirt on your back, the entire process takes time and money. Time and farmland, and fertilizer, and fuel to harvest and haul the raw material to the processing/manufacturing plants. From there, the cotton fabric is dyed, cut, sewn, and labeled. Trucks using fuel and public highways haul the clothing to a store where more energy is used to heat and cool and light the store for your shopping pleasure.   American Cotton The normal ebb and flow of commerce can not be regulated by any one industry or Government. Commerce and Business it is too big. Too complex and too many moving parts and too many variables. The pictures you see represent real estate, agriculture, oil, manufacturing, the energy market, and public transportation. And, many more industries.   This list is before we even get a cotton shirt to the shelf in your local store and calculate the proper price and advertising costs. How can you as a retail supplier co-ordinate all these industries just to get a cotton t-shirt on the shelf? Much less, all the other items for sale on Amazon or Wal-Mart.  Who could possibly make all these things come together at the right place and the right [...]

Wanna Gamble on your Future?

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Pay for an inferior education and get what you pay for, plus pay more in the long run.  Have you heard the saying about buying a pig in a poke? This was common in public markets that sold livestock. You choose your piglet and the vendor reaches down to get a cloth sack (a poke) and comes back and hands you a wriggling closed cloth sack that had been sewn shut.  You would not open the sack until you got back home. At that point, you open your sack to find a dog or two cats tied up and their mouth taped shut.  You've been had. If you think a great education is expensive, try paying for an inferior education. Pay good money and receive none of the benefits you expected, plus look at all the time you wasted. To and from the market. How much is your time worth? And in the financial market, if you step out into the investing market before you have learned to swim, you may drown. There is significant risk involved for a novice. This is why we want you to take a good look at us before you make a decision that includes your money. This is why we offer you a couple of trips to sit in on our private training sessions to see how we make money. A great education to learn how to trade in the Futures Market is not expensive. The price vs the cost proves it is very inexpensive. Futures trading is a great vehicle to gain a foot up on inflation. To get to where you want to go in relation to your financial goals. But, wise people realize; do not try futures trading until you have received the proper training and have a track record to back it up. Because of this, they wisely shy away from an unfamiliar market. We can cure that indecision with the best education available. We won't let you swim without a lifeguard until you learn and prove your skills. Your skill in money management, capital preservation, and risk analysis.  Even then, we start you off in the shallow end of the pool. The price of a cheap product and the anger you realize, live on past the cost of value. I hear the old saying, time and again.  " You get what you pay for". I believe that this was true at one point in time. It related to buying something really cheap and finding out it was an inferior product or service. Cheap is not always inexpensive. Price and Cost do not mean the same thing.  Now, with all the information available on-line; you need to discern the noise from the wisdom. We want to show you how to do just that. I'm implying you; can spend very little more and you would be more satisfied with a purchase.  In a prior era when you would walk into a store and look your salesman in the eye, talk about [...]

Are you Happy with Your Job?

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Are you where you want to be now that you have some years behind you? Did you make that million-plus dollars you always dreamed of earning? If you need to add to your pile of money to live out the next years of your life; Please keep reading. If the term futures trading sounds like some highfalutin term for a wall street banker or stockbroker; then let me share with you a revelation. None of the futures traders I know work in an office building. They all work from a home office or from a garage office, and you could set up your RV with wi-fi and travel as you earn. We are not trading stocks, We are trading the S&P500 Emini. This is an electronically traded futures contract on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. This is an index fund comprised of the best of the best 500 stocks. The mechanics of trading are very simple, but there is more you must know and be aware of to be successful.  We train you for this and also money management, risk analysis, and capital preservation. Some traders have a college degree, many do not.  These people make good money too.  It will surprise you when you find out the amount of money you can make working 4 or 5 hours each day.  If this sounds like something you would want to do, let's talk. Contact us and we will give you a pass good for 2 sessions at our live trading/training classes. If you have never traded, or if you have experience trading; either way this will open your eyes to how simple it can be and how much money you can earn. We want to help you find that perfect spot where you are confident and you know you can grow and earn more and more as you gain experience. We are unique in the industry with our on-line mentored classes and targeted classes for specific issues such as trading platforms, software, trade signals and more. Our instructors are seasoned traders and industry experts. Don't be afraid to come and sit in on a couple of our private online sessions. Then you can see how transparent we are and how we learn and earn. The Founder of the S&P500 Trading Group, Dr. Cast, is a veteran  (enlisted) and knows the value of education. If you have reached this site, you probably notice were are focused on education and learning. The proper education to start a $500K career will take a least a year. How long will you spend in college to get a Masters Degree and earn $100K? How much debt will you have before you earn your first dollar? If you want to set your financial goals for a $500K career, we will train you and show you how to just that.  And, you can earn this career with the goal of little or no student debt as you earn while you learn. This particular site was started for former military and Law [...]

Protect yourself from Fraud in Futures Trading

By |2019-11-11T06:24:24-06:00November 11th, 2019|Earn More Money, education, Money Management|

Yes, there is an app for that. Just kidding.  The best way to avoid fraud is common sense.  If it seems too good to be true; then trust your gut feeling. We make a lot of claims here for the S&P500 Trading Group. AND, we can back up those claims.  We claim "you cannot get rich quick." We claim investing for profit takes training, more training, and time, and energy and commitment. We claim you can grow your wealth using risk management, capital preservation, and proper risk/reward ratios. Prove me wrong! Now, the good news.  You can do this!  Contact us and let's talk.  Not everyone is right for futures trading. We will be upfront with you and tell you our opinion based on our experience and some proven facts that may exclude you from being a successful trader. But, don't back away just because you don't have a college degree. Contact us. Remember what I said earlier. We use capital preservation as part of our program. We don't want you losing money. We don't want you gambling. Earn your money using your hard-earned capital and keep it.  Our instructors are seasoned traders and industry experts. Did you notice, our articles appear on military-centric platforms. Yes, we aim our advertising at Veterans. This is because I believe you should have the same opportunity as your fellow citizens that did not have the same opportunity as you. They may have had the luxury of a college degree and starting a family or buying a house long before our men in uniform could start investing in their future in these ways. That being said, I believe our veterans are capable of so much more after they retire the uniform. And I believe in you because I have been where you are. I will not act like the vultures at the gate when you go off post; to extort you into impossible interest rates for a car, or a house, or even furniture. We are here to Honor your service. Not to screw you over as so many would. Here  is an excerpt from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission: The best way to protect yourself against fraud is to stay informed. Be aware of the tactics scammers use to lure you into making questionable investing decisions. Watch for the following in the sales pitches: High rate of return or guarantee - verify the firm or individual's track record, don't invest unless you can get solid information about the investment and the company. Limited time offers or high-pressure sales tactics – don't be pushed into a quick decision. Be suspicious if they demand an immediate commitment or if they ask you to expedite payment, regardless of the method (cash, money transfer, credit card, etc.). Little or no risk – except for obligations of the U.S. government, all investments have a degree of risk. Futures contracts are leveraged or margined; you may be liable for losses in excess of your initial deposit. Ask for a written risk [...]

Best Business Ever

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This is what a great business looks like. If you have ever owned a small to medium size business and wanted an exit strategy, look no more. If you have retired and want to earn more money, start here. If you need a change in life due to physical limitations and now you cannot perform the job you once handled with ease, look here. I believe this is the best business ever. This is something our veterans can do to start a new career. The Best Business Ever No inventory                                                         No selling No Employees                                                       No vehicle fleets or maintenance headaches No Customers to call on                                        No accounts receivable No insurance requirements                                   No expensive software            No Advertising or Yellow page fees                       No expensive office space  No special licenses                                                No warehouse needed Here is how you can enter the Futures Trading profession and  Own your own trading business. Join our S&P500 Trading Group and receive     Live trading sessions and 5 or more hrs per day of live training and mentoring. These live sessions are literally “life-changing” On-line self-pace training academy ( from beginner to masters classes ) You set your goals and we can help you meet them. Start to finish. Hundreds of traders online every day. The best group of people ever. And they are eager and willing to help you grow your business as they learn and earn also. Monthly - live Face to Face meet-up groups of experienced trader in major cities all over the county Our instructors are seasoned traders and industry experts. Operating overhead as little as $3000 Requirements for getting started A Computer An internet connection The ability to accept new ideas and accept tutoring The Desire to change your life goals   The benefits Own your own business, with cash flow in the 100,200, or even higher % ROI (DAILY). Not months or years. Work 2 - 6 hrs daily or more if you like. Some people work days, some work at night. Time-proven methods to train you to trade futures. Not a trading club, but the goal is for you to trade and make money on your time and meet your goals. Not like the online schools so common on the internet.  Our [...]

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