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Best Business Ever

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This is what a great business looks like. If you have ever owned a small to medium size business and wanted an exit strategy, look no more. If you have retired and want to earn more money, start here. If you need a change in life due to physical limitations and now you cannot perform the job you once handled with ease, look here. I believe this is the best business ever. This is something our veterans can do to start a new career. The Best Business Ever No inventory                                                         No selling No Employees                                                       No vehicle fleets or maintenance headaches No Customers to call on                                        No accounts receivable No insurance requirements                                   No expensive software            No Advertising or Yellow page fees                       No expensive office space  No special licenses                                                No warehouse needed Here is how you can enter the Futures Trading profession and  Own your own trading business. Join our S&P500 Trading Group and receive     Live trading sessions and 5 or more hrs per day of live training and mentoring. These live sessions are literally “life-changing” On-line self-pace training academy ( from beginner to masters classes ) You set your goals and we can help you meet them. Start to finish. Hundreds of traders online every day. The best group of people ever. And they are eager and willing to help you grow your business as they learn and earn also. Monthly - live Face to Face meet-up groups of experienced trader in major cities all over the county Our instructors are seasoned traders and industry experts. Operating overhead as little as $3000 Requirements for getting started A Computer An internet connection The ability to accept new ideas and accept tutoring The Desire to change your life goals   The benefits Own your own business, with cash flow in the 100,200, or even higher % ROI (DAILY). Not months or years. Work 2 - 6 hrs daily or more if you like. Some people work days, some work at night. Time-proven methods to train you to trade futures. Not a trading club, but the goal is for you to trade and make money on your time and meet your goals. Not like the online schools so common on the internet.  Our [...]

You Are No Longer Important

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"You are no longer needed." "We cannot use you anymore." "You are going to be discharged." "We've Got Your Six" Before you read any further, remember this is an advertisement but I may say something that is very disturbing because I am going to tell you what you already know and the truth can be ugly. "We've Got Your Six" are not empty words. An injury or a round that got past your body armor or even the loss of a leg or both legs can put you at risk for the trip back to where you were. Spend a minute here and rest. It's hard work to say "I need help" Especially when you are the one that strives to be the helper and the hands of rescue. Now you are the one that needs a hand up. What do you do when you hear or understand the unspoken words at the top? When you are fighting to gain your strength or even fighting for your sanity and then you get kicked in the teeth with " We don't need you anymore." What do you do when you shattered a knee during a training accident. Now you're looking at involuntary separation. Maybe you caught a round between your armor and things are not right and the pain is so distracting you can't focus. ( The VA tells you nothing is wrong). While wearing a badge, you were hit by a car at a traffic stop or shot and left by the wayside. Now you can't work and the bills are piling up.  Insurance will not cover the loss of pay and the medical bills. They seem to only want to pay death claims.  What now? The physical pain is only part of the problem. When you lose your ability to serve in a meaningful manner ( as in the past ) it is difficult to change gears and develop a new mission in which you feel as if you are pulling your own weight.  The despair and depression are constant companions and you are weighed down with the constant struggle and battle to keep a smile on your face. The battle is real and so difficult because you can't seem to focus your sights on a target. You need something to aim your anger at and get some relief from the constant battle. There is Hope in your despair. Do NOT give up. As long as you are breathing, there is hope and redemption from the darkness you are fighting. It does not matter how you got to where you are, there is a way back. The journey itself is worth the effort. In the past, you may have rushed to a solution and passed up the view on the way there. Now you have time to see the path and believe it or not, you can enjoy the journey back to health. I will not BS you and tell you that you can run a mile in 5 [...]