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Futures Trading and the path from the dirt to the shelf to the Bank

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If you wonder about the title of this post, give me a minute The last part of the title should get your interest; as it talks about a trip to the bank.  You need to educate yourself about money so it will not be so difficult to obtain. With proper training, you can enter the field of investing and learn a new and exciting trade. If you want to earn more money or start a new career making $500K or more, then read on. Spend a few minutes and learn how this can change your future and help to meet your financial goal for the future. First, let me tell you a bit of why futures are so important to our overall economy and then we can discuss some of the math of making money. And then we'll talk about the Best Business Ever. From the Dirt to a T-Shirt Have you heard the term  Futures Trading before?  Or did you even know that it impacts a huge portion of our economy?  Futures trading introduces a calming effect on market prices. This short story will help you understand the stabilizing effect of futures trading and how it helps all aspects of our economy. And not just the American Economy. Let's pick on one small part of our economy. Cotton. A homegrown product. Why would you be concerned with the price of cotton?  Let me show you how this simple crop affects so many people in different ways. From the farmer to the major brand Clothing Store.  Follow the path of this plant from the time it goes into the ground until it ends up on the shelf of a store where you pay your hard-earned money to take it home with you. From the ground to the shirt on your back, the entire process takes time and money. Time and farmland, and fertilizer, and fuel to harvest and haul the raw material to the processing/manufacturing plants. From there, the cotton fabric is dyed, cut, sewn, and labeled. Trucks using fuel and public highways haul the clothing to a store where more energy is used to heat and cool and light the store for your shopping pleasure.   American Cotton The normal ebb and flow of commerce can not be regulated by any one industry or Government. Commerce and Business it is too big. Too complex and too many moving parts and too many variables. The pictures you see represent real estate, agriculture, oil, manufacturing, the energy market, and public transportation. And, many more industries.   This list is before we even get a cotton shirt to the shelf in your local store and calculate the proper price and advertising costs. How can you as a retail supplier co-ordinate all these industries just to get a cotton t-shirt on the shelf? Much less, all the other items for sale on Amazon or Wal-Mart.  Who could possibly make all these things come together at the right place and the right [...]

Price vs Value and Why you may not have Enough Money

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Were you ever curious about futures trading? What is this odd-sounding animal? Many people never reach their financial goals because of our education system. We were never taught the difference between price and cost. Between price and value. Our struggle to get ahead was not because we are bad people, but because we did not receive a basic education in money management. Understanding value and cost vs price will free you up to follow your dream to your financial goals. Your dream to make more money or even start a new six-figure career. The S&P500 Trading Group is unique in the industry. We offer value far above any group like ours. Understanding value will have you knocking at the door to this amazing school. Spend a bit of time here and you will understand making money using your existing money is not as complicated as you may imagine.  The time you spend with us will change your thinking about Futures Trading and making money in an upmarket and a down market. Using an age-old principle of "Buy Low, and Sell High." We are so sure you will understand these concepts, that we will let you come and sit in on a couple of our training/trading sessions For Free.  Contact us and we will send you info on how to join a couple of live sessions that see up to 300 people a day learning and making money. We are transparent in our concept and our teaching/training. We have nothing to hide.  The Door to Success Now, on to learn about how critical Value is versus price?  The Cost vs the Price?  Understanding the difference is critical to meeting your financial goals. To making money for the long term. Did you know the financial derivatives called Futures Trading were set up originally to trade commodities and stabilize the economy? It is a major stabilizing force in every industry that grows,  builds or manufactures. The price of any item is driven by the demand (which is also Scarcity) and that defines its price. If an item is in high demand, the price goes up until the customer decides not to pay the higher price. At the same time, the manufacturer is looking to fill the gap when they see the price (and their profit potential ) is going up. They ramp up production. It may take a while before these two forces (or demand) equal out and the price stabilizes. During that time, the two forces cause a price fluctuation and that is when you can realize your profit with futures trading. We teach you to recognize when to buy and sell. And, this is really not that difficult to learn. So, again; the demand is a force that causes the price to go up, and if the demand for goods or services goes down then the price can go down also. You don't have to know all of these concepts to trade futures. The act of trading futures is rather simple and [...]

Can you Top this Support Group? Not Likely

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In all of the futures trading community, how many groups can say; "Come and join us for a get-together and a meal, we'll have a swell time sharing?" We'll learn and earn and exceed our financial goals with this awesome business.  This group of successful business entrepreneurs are a work at home success story. You may just want to earn more money, or you may want to start a $500K career, either way, you came to the right site. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I have no knowledge of another group this big that will support their members and share with each other as we grow together. As we learn and earn. Even though we meet on-line up to 5 times a day, we still can put a face to the others in our trading sessions. We become part of a large extended family. This is the current list of cities where we meet. Albany                     Cincinnati                  Sacramento Harrisburg             Memphis                    Atlanta Orlando                  Dallas                          Portland Denver                    Raleigh                       Jacksonville                      Phoenix                  Salt Lake City             Seattle   I wanted you to see how a group of like-minded people from all over the nation support each other and change lives as they realize their financial goals. Just getting together over a meal and maybe a beer is a game-changer for some folks that work at home. It's a joy to share our trials and our successes. When you work at home you find that a phone call or text or even a video chat is not often enough to connect with the people that you really want to share with and work with. Work at Home and never get stuck in traffic. Even though working from home has great advantages as far as the economics of running your business, there are a few drawbacks.  When Dr. Cast started the Trading Academy, he understood the pressures of being alone a big part of the day and also the benefits of working at home. So when he started the Trading Academy over 10 years ago he also started the meetup groups. Dr. Vance Cast As The Trading Group has grown larger and larger the meetup groups have extended out to the closest city in a geographic area of the Traders. Now you can see from our list where the members meet each month to enjoy each other's company and meal or just visit.  The meetup groups are another [...]

Don’t follow me. Until you know your Risk Limits

By |2019-10-31T08:19:43-05:00October 31st, 2019|Beginning traders, financial goals, Futures Trading|

Let's talk about safe trading. Futures Trading. Follow me a minute and you will understand. When you drive a new ride and push it too hard, some predictable things will happen. We have proven over and over the mistakes that new futures traders make. When you are new to futures trading it can be like driving a High-Performance car.  Take it easy until you know the car and the track. Fast and gorgeous There is risk in all endeavors, and you need to know your limits.  If you want success in your financial goals, read on. Just like driving a new race car, we at the S&P500 Trading Group know the errors everyone makes, and we prepare you for the bumps and the turns in the track. Don't risk a mistake until you have trained and trained some more. You need to finish the course and not wreck out.  We call this risk management and risk analysis.   This ATV on the right was driven past its limits trying to keep up with more experienced drivers. This is common for new traders also. When the side by sides 1st came out; there was a small learning curve. Actually a large curve.  In stock form, we wanted to see how hard can you push this ATV and still make it to the finish line. The learning curve was steep. Well, we found out; and ended up on our side or upside down too many times. Futures trading follows this same track. Risk is Necessary, But You have to Know Your Limits If you did these same things and you were not wearing a helmet or seat belts, you may not be reading this.  This picture could be on your tombstone.  So, the lesson here is; if you're going to push past your limits, make sure you have a safety net of some sort. Make sure this will not be your last ride. You never risk too much money on 1 trade. Things happen fast when you are new to a track or a piece of equipment.  Even after you work out the bugs in your driving style; you still need to wear a helmet and seat belts. In trading, we set upper and lower limits according to your level of training and how much you intend to risk. Helmet and belts. The most important skills you will learn as you drive one of these is how hard you can turn. How fast can you turn and what happens when you brake in a turn.  See some items that look alike in that last sentence? Going in a straight line is easy. When you attempt a turning maneuver is when the fun starts. I can assure you, futures trading can be exhilarating and rewarding. It can also be dangerous if you don't have the proper training and skills. When you don't have the experience or necessary training, you can easily push too hard. Sometimes you will see a trade that looks [...]

Risk and Reward , For Futures Traders Only

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Don't get Desperate for a Win Futures Trading involves risk, beware. What do you do when your trades keep going south?  Well, you may need a lifeboat. Maybe you need an intervention or more education. Who do you trust to come to your rescue? Who do you know that will help you define your risk and reward ratios, and money management techniques?  I can tell you that being alone behind your screen day after day can re-enforce bad habits. Habits that grow unnoticed until they are a problem. So, who will tell you the hard truths and look at your trades with an open mind?  You need someone not affected by your gains or losses.  You need a trading partner. If this is news to you, please hang in there with me. You will recognize the signs of problems you may have struggled with and wondered why you can't seem to make a profit. Being part of the S&P500 Trading Group means you have more resources available than ever before. Not only do we make these resources available as part of our education curriculum, but you can spend up to 8 hours a day online with some of the best teachers and traders.  We offer an end to end solution with support and training, to help you to build a winning track record. Fall back on your proven track record for risk and reward, and money management If you are part of our team, you have support close at hand. But, if you are a solo trader, or new to the game and haven't found a trading partner yet; you need some input when times are bad and even when the money is rolling in. This is the time to stress capital preservation and don't force a major change in your spending habits. Fall back on proven risk and reward formulas and money management. Most people have experience in lean times and getting by with little money.  Very few people are experienced with a surplus of money and they tend to make some big mistakes. I have seen many a lottery winner that is broke and bankrupt within a few years of winning the lottery. If you are new to futures trading, and when you realize the potential for profit, it may upset you and make your head spin. Learn to Be Successful Launching a Lifeboat In your desperation to succeed and in your success, you can fall prey to bad habits that affect both ends of the spectrum. If you have traded for any length of time, you have an edge or a trade signal that proves your process with overall wins for a specified time period. Many futures traders will look at 5-10 point gain in 1 week as more than acceptable. The profit potential is enormous and you need to be aware of the emotional and psychological effects of trading. Many a trader has gone bankrupt when they fail to recognize these emotional hurdles and [...]

Everyones Happy When Things are Looking Up

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What goes up... Make money when it goes down too. Futures Trading When the market goes up, I hear the chatter in the coffee shop and people are happy and bragging about their financial prowess.  Everyone is happy when the market is up. Then a Fed Report comes out and everyone is in the dumps. And the cycle continues.  Are you looking to earn extra money or reset your career making six figures a year?  If you want out of this merry-go-round emotional roller coaster, we need to talk. Come and visit with us and see how we can make a difference. See how we can smooth out the ups and downs and let you focus on making money. Going Up I know this may sound technical and complicated, but it really can be simple if you will spend some time and effort on the proper training. When you look at your financial future and see the ups and downs you suffered through, don't you think you deserve a break. After all, you worked hard to get where you are. Why should some suit in D.C. cause such chaos in your life every time he steps in front of a camera? The answer is simple in this scenario.  You look ahead, do your re-con, and plan for the market to get crazy for a short time period. We can teach you these strategies. You already have skills from the military that will aid you in futures trading. You already know more than you realize, you just need to see a new context and learn about discount trading which is actually Futures Trading. Going Down If you invest in the stock market, are you smiling when the market drops? If you want to see a profit from selling high and buying low when the market goes down; check out the Futures Trading market. We make money when the market goes up and when it is going down.  This allows you to double your exposure to great trades and profit. I have personally and on a regular basis seen an ROI of 30% and more.  And, I am talking about a daily ROI; not just yearly.   Making a Profit in the Downtrend and the Uptrend. Futures Trading! I want to show you how this is possible.  Come and visit our trading session. We have live online sessions every business day.  No-Risk, No Cost.  We will give you a free pass to a couple of our sessions to show you how transparent we are and that we back up our claims. If you are contemplating a new career or you have been disappointed in your portfolio performance; come and visit with us. Contact us and we will be glad to let you sit in on a couple of our live trading sessions. See for yourself how we trade and earn money.  Watch us trade and run the numbers so you can see the ROI. Do the math and you will [...]

Gather Round and Let’s Talk about futures trading.

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Have we had this conversation before? What is this thing you call Futures Trading? Why are you bothering me with something I know nothing about.?  Well, you are a target of an ad campaign. I picked on you because you are probably a veteran or a LEO.  I want to tell you thanks for your sacrifice and service. And I need to tell you about an awesome way to make money. Futures Trading, and the proper education to do it right. And, I know how hard it is when you take off the uniform or the badge and move to another career. Life after the uniform can be hard. It really can be hard if you didn't plan to move on or you just could not put together the retirement money you really needed.    I can change your mind about the financial field and I bet if you take a close look at what we do, you will change your financial goals (in a good way). My Father circa 1949 I really want a few minutes of your time to share this awesome financial plan with you. Something you can use from now on and even take it on the road if you like. Learn and Earn with the S&P500 Trading Group. Yes, I picked on you. You are my target and I want to send this message down range to you or maybe a friend of yours. This is too important to pass up without a quick look-see. Send me an email and I promise not to spam you or share your info. I just need to know where to send the free pass to enter our daily on-line trading sessions so that you can see how we make money.   Now; let's talk for a minute?  This is some good stuff I have to tell you. I know sometimes you can feel that target on your back?  I mean, come on now. Who hasn't said at least once that they feel like their cell phone or computer is listening in on every conversation they have. You send a message and 5 min later you get this ad in your email about the same thing. (hearing aids ?) This leads to some serious trust issues. Google is targeting you with spam and cheesy ads and probable scams from Bob. You know, Bob. The guy that answers the phone when you call your credit card company or a try to get warranty work done on something you bought on-line. Ya, THAT Bob. Bob from Bangladesh. Even though he won't tell you what city he's in. If you have a hard time understanding what he's trying to convey to you, it could it be, like me, you have fired a weapon too many times with no ear protection or sent too many Main Gun rounds down range; so many rounds that your ears don't work like they used to. Well, Welcome to the USA. I have a heavy southern [...]

What it looks like, when you’re off for a 3 Day

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What a treat!  I can count these on one hand.  So, when you get off early, it's almost heaven.  If you're ready to do this every day. Let's Talk. Let's talk about your own business; that is very affordable and has virtually no limits to the income you can earn. Sound too good to be true? So is getting off early every day and getting paid, too.  So, let's talk about futures trading.  Only the S&P500 Trading Group can offer the education to obtain these goals and not break the bank. Leaving Work, When the Boss lets you off early If you work a 9 -5 job, I'm sure you can relate to this. If you are self-employed; you may not be able to leave work until everyone else is gone. I have been in both of these positions.  I much prefer working for myself. And now, I can tell you about the best business I have found since ever! Are you looking to start your own business, but capital investment and the hours and hours involved to get a business up and running are just too much to bear. The loan applications, the licenses, the office space, the hoops you have to jump thru are so big a hassle. If you are there now or planning to be your own boss; Let's Talk.   My lead-in for this blog post is focused on everyone, but my passion is to help former military and law enforcement, who often pull rotating or odd hour shifts. Often, as you mature in your career, you have a better choice of the hours you work. But, not always.  You give everything to your career and many times; it seems there is little recognition nor reward. If you have retired and started a business, you may be at the point you can take off for a 3 day weekend. You may also be struggling to find time to spend with your family or even take 1 day off. Would you like to take off and travel and work at the same time? Your new office is wherever you have wi-fi and your laptop. A business that requires no selling, no employees, no inventory, no vehicle fleet, or an expensive rent office. You pick the hours you work, but I will tell you; this is so awesome that you will find yourself working at least 4hrs or more every day.  Not that you have too, but when you're earning money like we show you to, it's hard to stop. Unless of course, you need to take off and go fishing or racing. I am so sure you will be amazed at our offering, that I want to invite you (at no cost) to sit in on a couple of our live trading/training sessions. You can see how we do what I've described to you. No one in the industry can deliver the technical training and hands-on experience like the S&P500 Trading Group.   We offer unsurpassed [...]

Travel and Business and Fun

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When you think of Business and Travel, do you put the two words together? Have you spent days, weeks, even months on the road and living in hotel rooms, all the while chasing the all-important dollar? What if I told you that you could travel, meet or exceed your financial goals, and have fun doing both at the same time? It's really very simple. Futures Trading, as a new business and we offer the best education possible to accomplish this properly. Read on if you're interested. I included a few photos of where I have been and where you can go to make money. Of course, you can make money at home or in your office. The idea here is not to limit your possibilities of when and where your work; but to show you how to meet and exceed your financial goals. On your schedule and where you want to work. ( and play ) After years of business travel or sitting behind a desk, day after day looking at the same wall and the same clock; could you use a better view? Wouldn't it be nice to eat at a different restaurant or just cook on a campfire when you want to; and walk a few steps to your office to make your money for the day or even a weeks worth; and then go have fun the rest of the day? Does this sound too good to be true?  Well, it's almost too good, but many people have done just this.  It is obtainable and easier than you think.  Every picture you see in this post was taken at a location while I was on vacation. Every location had wi-fi service and I had my laptop with me. At times, I was tent camping and at times I stayed in a luxury hotel at a ski resort. For a whole week, I parked my RV in an Alpine Meadow. While in the Mojave Desert, I had to park my camping rig a bit higher than normal, but I needed a good signal to get on-line so I could transmit data before I ventured out for a day of exploring and watching the hill climb/rock crawling races. What an exciting week it was at King of Hammers.  The premier offroad races in the US. I admit it got dusty a few times, but I just spent more time inside my camper until the dust settled. If you want to know how you can work  for a couple of hours or 4 hours and make the money you need to retire or travel; or leave a legacy for your children, then  read on. And by the way,  I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. Now Let's Get to the Nitty-Gritty Part The S&P500 Trading Group offers the best possible education so that you can start your own business. We teach much more than just taking a trade. We stress knowing money management and [...]

Want to Learn to Trade Futures or Commodities ?

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If you want to see how our government would help you; do your research. Go to the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission web site. There you will find a fact-filled site with enough info to keep you busy for a couple of years. But, will this help you learn to Trade Futures? Can you overcome the emotional side of trading and risk? CFTC home page If you have served in uniform, you will know what I say next to be true. Always Recon. Don't walk into a situation blind with no data or knowledge of the terrain or your support elements and position.  Know what you are facing and prepare. But even before you make your final recon; what did you do?  You trained, and you trained some more. After action reports and walk-thru's and simulations were tested.  It's no different here. If you want Success, train and simulate, and train. Find your mistakes, fix them and train again. That will bring Success. Train and Train some more. If you want Success In the above site, I counted 72 distinct tabs. One tab alone was broken down further to 90 subheadings and one of those was a 59-page report. By my count, if 1/2 of these tabs were this complete; you would have more than 191,160 pages to peruse.  That may take a bit of time to study and then make choices from the data. What if you made a mistake on page 253?  Would the rest of your decisions be wrong due to the front end mistake?  Who would help you to define and correct a mistake? Then, after all this study on a benign site,  you would need to learn to trade and analyze market data, and international conditions, and emotion, and dissect the news each day prior to deciding your trade. You will need to learn risk management, capital preservation, risk analysis, and trend analysis.   Wow!  This could take a while before I start to see a profit as a new trader. I did not even start to add in variables such as volume, foreign markets, price action, trend, auction indecision, market consolidation, reversal, or retracement.  Don't fight the market, work with the market and be successful, be profitable. Each trade you take has over 8 billion variables affecting the outcome May I make a suggestion?  An index market such as the S&P500 already has taken into consideration many of the technical items we discussed above. You don't have to dissect info from 50 directions and then make decisions on ever-changing data. There is a better way.  Want to see?. You won't have to worry if the market is up or down. We make money both ways.  If you want to learn about trading and growing your capital, but you don't have enough data to support that decision; come visit us. Join us in a couple of live trading sessions and see what we do. We offer live training and trading sessions. At present we [...]

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