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The Best Path to Freedom

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Guess What?  I want to share the cost of Freedom with you. This is an unadulterated blog post that preys upon your patriotism to show you a path to financial freedom. With that out of the way, please read and consider my plea to spend time and defend your liberty. WE live in a Republic, not a Democracy. Pure Democracy leads to chaos. If you are reading my posts, you have noticed a pro-military and Law Enforcement thread throughout. My passion is to educate people as to the freedom we enjoy and the cost of this freedom. The founding fathers of the United States of America drafted our constitution to ensure the tyranny of the King or the unbridled emotional voice of the majority did not shackle their freedom. For a hundred years, the colonies in the New America prospered because we enjoyed freedom from unchecked government interference. The independent colonies prospered with little regulation and low taxes. All that changed when bureaucrats and the King stepped in with new taxes and unbridled government control. Our cries for help were ignored and our response came at the end of a gun barrel and produced a new nation with guarantees of individual liberty. Will you fight to hold on to that freedom? I would urge everyone reading this to go back and read our Constitution and realize the main idea was to protect individual liberty and freedom from oppressive government control. You will have to work and struggle to keep this dream from disappearing. If you want freedom from government regulation and oppression, it is expensive. Due to the mission creep and unethical government actors, you must continually guard against encroachment into your daily life or business. Please spend the time to monitor your State and Federal Elected Officials and see how they vote. Do they work to set you free or do they work to give more control to unelected bureaucrats? Most people that understand the Republic vs. the so-called Democracy will know quickly that government continually wants to grow and control all aspects of your life. This is why the uneducated wander and lean towards socialism. They want to take the easy way out and not be responsible for the consequences of their ignorance of history and how people tend to repeat their mistakes. True freedom is expressed by Capitalism. You are free to buy and sell or work, or not to work. The rewards of your ideas and labor are you own. In order to defend our liberties, it requires the expenditure of your resources. It requires your time, effort, energy, and treasure. If you want to join in and join the fight for our countries founding principles, go and earn more money. The best way to gain time and treasure to enjoy and defend these freedoms is to earn more money. This allows you the freedom to spend time as you desire and not fret over the daily worries. Learn about your heritage, and learn about us; [...]

No College Degree? No Problem.

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I admire the tenacity shown by veterans that pursue and obtain a college degree, but many veterans will not pursue a college degree or may not finish their degree. Your lack of a college degree is not an impediment to a great career in the financial field. I want to encourage you to look at Futures Trading. This lessor known financial instrument can propel you to a $500K career and you don't have to obtain a college degree. No, the degree does not dictate your earning potential. Electricians and plumbers can earn $100,000 a year without any college. Granted, most states require 5 years minimum training and annual tests to get to the Masters Level; but they work and earn a salary as they train. Many employers will pay for technical training and the employee has no student debt. Futures Trading is no different.  While you learn, you can trade futures and as your knowledge and experience increase, so do your profits. Most students will pass the $100K mark within 2 years of trading/training if they truly invest their time, energy, and effort. When you earn that kind of money, your student debt should be non-existent. S&P 500 training academy is unique in the industry. We use industry experts and experienced Traders to deliver online classes multiple times per day. You will not find this anywhere else in the industry. Many online companies will offer you the moon, but after a huge outlay in capital, you will find that all you have are some online self-paced lessons and promises of success.  Need a Change from The Daily Grind?   We offer you the opportunity to come and sit in on our private online mentored classes. Come and see how transparent we are. With up to 300 people in class at the same time, you will find; we have nothing to hide. We learn and earn; and we share with each other, as some traders will have years of experience and many are brand new traders just learning the jargon.  This is our end-to-end solution so that you can learn and earn on your way to success. As you look at our model, come and visit us in our private members-only online sessions, surely you will reset your financial goals when you understand the profit to be made in this industry.  Should you decide to join the S&P 500 trading group, we will assign you a personal liaison to make sure that you progress through each training section and grow your knowledge and experience. All the time, practicing capital preservation and risk management. I owned an electrical contracting company for 20+ years. Imagine my disappointment when I hired various professionals with a 4 or 5 yr degree in the construction industry and found they did not possess the basic skills needed to oversee a small $50,000 project, or they could not design a control system that most electricians would design and install in a matter of hours. I say this to [...]

Slow is Smooth , Smooth is FAST

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Have you recently retired and want to start a new career? Do you have misgivings about your training and the chances of learning a new career? Let me show you how prepared you really are for a new career. The mantra for our combat techniques has evolved to "Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast." Meaning you can be fast if you take your time and do your job properly. You can be fast upfront and maybe miss a detail or a step in your checklist. Then if you fail, and you have to go back and start over. Let's relate this to success in your chosen career. This is the other angle on the slow-fast idea.  Do it right and do it once is faster over the long run. Keep reading to see how this works in business also and you can have the best business ever. You've heard it, you've done it, and you know it works. Slow is smooth, smooth is Fast.  Learn to do your job correctly and take the time to do it right. These same skills you've practiced can get you ahead of the game of making a butt load of money. No kiddin. With some more education and training, you can earn extra money or start a $500K per year career. Your call. High Speed - Low Drag Business that's  easy to operate If you've retired and need more income, check us out. If you ETS'ed and have a bit of time on your hands before you have to start back digging ditches or you're looking for a new career; check us out. Futures Trading is not complicated. You can learn the technical skills in less than six weeks.  Granted, you will not be an expert in six weeks, but some people have made money in less time than that. It took me 6 months, but this is really the best business ever and the best investment I have ever made. If I told you that with a 2-year education you could be knocking down $300k or more; would you be interested?  Our instructors are seasoned traders and industry experts. We can teach you a new career and show you the right way to earn great money. After all, in any profession, there is a right way and a wrong way. In futures trading, the right way will earn you more than you imagined and the wrong way will leave you broke and wondering how did I screw this up. No Bull, what you see is what you get I know you've heard of a bull market and a bear market. The bull market is a market (stock prices) going up. The bear market is the market prices going down. Most investors know how to make money when the market is going up. You Buy Low and Sell High. What if I told you that you can do the same thing in a Bear Market?  Welcome to Futures Trading. We make money going up [...]

Hidden Assets , Don’t Overlook Hidden Treasure

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Transforming or transitioning your life to run a business is about more than your product and the technology to deliver that product.  It’s also about the people and processes that will power it. It's about education and execution of your ideas. Hidden treasure is so easy to overlook and yet can make your new endeavor so profitable. That hidden treasure trove is you; your experience and skills that you don't recognize and take advantage of. Let me show you how this translates to a great new career. The oldest business model in the world is to buy low and sell high. It's really that simple. And I can show you how and where to buy low, and when to sell. The corner lemonade stand you ran as a kid uses the same principle; so don't run off scared when I tell you how you can be a successful futures trader. A new business can be anything, or it could just be ice and lemons, but all business and commerce works off the principle of Buy Low, and Sell High. Trading Futures is simply buying a futures contract and then after a bit, you sell it. Buy low and sell high. Sometimes this can happen in 5 minutes and at times it could take 3 or 4 hours. Easy Peasy right? There is risk involved though and we can train you to be risk-averse and save your capital as you earn and learn. Walk with me a bit and see how I now have the best business ever! I could not believe what I saw when the S&P500 Trading Group invited me to sit in on a live trading session.  I now know that my background in the military and other business ventures helped me to develop skills I can use to make a butt load of money. I had no idea this was possible until I saw this with my own eyes. The skills you learned and perfected in the military are very useful in civilian life. The confidence you exude as you instruct your subordinates, the leadership abilities, your problem-solving skills, and not to downplay other traits, but your situational awareness ability is so important. All of these are hidden treasure and so desirable in the business world. All of these skills add to your business knowledge. Make a plan, test it and then adapt. I hope you understand how valuable it is to also learn from mistakes. Your focus and your persistence along with the other skills I mentioned are so far ahead of the pure desire and enthusiasm that many start-up businesses possess, and many succeed too. Don't pass up your hidden treasure or think that you can't do this. You can.... And, read on for more treasure. If you are looking for a successful business model; then always include your support ( technical and emotional) plan in your business model. I have tried to run a business before and act like Hans Solo, or the Lone Ranger. [...]

An Encore Retirement

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Do you need to earn extra money after you retire? Maybe a little or maybe a little more? You are not alone in this predicament. Not everyone can have a great job or 401K paid for by their employer. For many former military and law enforcement, retirement means looking for a new job. Don't worry though, this is not as hard as you think. We offer the education and the hands-on training to learn and earn, earn extra money or start a new $500K career. Not only can you make a bunch of money, but you can have time on your hands to explore that retirement and even travel while you make more money. Follow along with me here. Learn, earn, and have fun Learn Earn and have Fun If you can spend a few months or more, and learn an awesome new career, you really should check this out. If you don't have to worry about making a house payment or car payment for a while; then you are a candidate for our futures trading course. This potential to earn more than you did while working full time is very achievable. I can show you a plan that will allow you to travel and earn. Earn more than you think is possible. Once you see this simple plan and the math behind it, you will re-do your financial plans and smile the whole time. I can show you a simple path to a 500% return on your investment. Can you do that with a CD or your 401K? The S&P500 Futures Trading Group is unique in the industry.  The school we have operated for more than 8 years will walk you through everything you need, from the basics and up to the advanced trading strategies, if you want to go that far. We don't take a huge chunk of money and send you an email with some video clips to watch. We have the best personal tutors and we assign each member a personal liaison to help you go from start-up to success. You can start your own business and operate it as you travel. Of course, you will need a wi-fi connection. To prove to you how sincere we are, come and sit in on a session or two of our live trading/training sessions. Watch as up to 300 people converse, learn, and make money trading the S&P 500 index. Don't confuse us with day traders. We are discount traders and we trade during the day. Some trade early morning and some trade at night. You can develop your own style of trading and you pick when you want to trade. Some will start earning money in a couple of months.; and some, like me, took a bit longer before I learned the proper way to trade. We teach money management and capital preservation to make sure you can be successful. You are important to us because we care about our veterans and Law Enforcement Officers. [...]

The Perfect Part Time Job

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  When you go out and do an internet search looking for ways to earn extra money or “jobs for veterans” how many times have you been inundated with ads and just totally spammed with links that have nothing to do what you were looking for? After a few searches like this did you just give up in despair? I'm here to tell you; not All Is Lost. I'm not here to spam you, I'm not here to rip you off. I'm here to share with you; a fellow veteran, that if you need to earn some extra money or if you even want to start a new career it's not as difficult as you think. This new part-time job or career will allow you to use some of your money and generate double, triple, or even 5 times your investment. We are unique in the industry in the fact that we offer end-to-end support. The highest level of support to make sure that you can be successful. Don’t waste your time sorting through hundreds of gimmick offers and rip-off sites. If you have the time to sort through hundreds and hundreds of job offerings and multi-level marketing offers and offers that you could never even understand, then take just a few moments and look at what I have to offer you. You may have never heard of futures trading before today, but it is a multi-billion dollar a day industry. And you can get into this industry with a $3000 trading account. And of course, you’ll need an education before you start to trade. That’s where we come in. That is what we do best. Been There, Done That Here’s my story. I had already retired….. twice. I had time on my hands, and I was looking to earn some extra money. I dabbled in real estate. I dabbled in flipping homes. My career in the energy field gave me a good view of multiple industries. I had just started a new contracting business, but I found out I had some physical limitations and that were very frustrating and kept me from a lot of activities that I had performed in the past. I knew change was coming. My time as a soldier was long past and my time as a general contractor was fading. I enjoyed the physical labor of my career, but past injuries and time had slowed me down. My college was put off due to the war, marriage, children, and life in general. I have paid for hundreds of hours of technical courses to stay on top of communication and energy distribution technology. I studied hard during my short 10 years in the military and then I studied even more to obtain state and federal licenses for my contracting businesses.  And of course, a big change in the industry sent me back to school again. It was called the computer age. Now you can learn as you earn. Now comes the Good Part Not only [...]

The Road To Success Thru Futures Trading

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Let’s Talk about the road to your money goal$   Let's talk about the road to SUCCESS. In all my years, Military and in Business; very few people want to talk about money. My stockbroker was eager to talk to me;  until the bottom fell out of the market. My banker was not too keen on talking about money (until I owed him lots of money). If you are looking at retirement and want to earn extra money or start a new $500K career; read on. I guess I learned from my parents that we don’t talk about money because we never had enough. When you go out on a farm or ranch, it ‘s considered bad manners to ask a rancher “How many head of cattle do you have?" It’s sort of like asking, “How much money do you have? “   All this talk about money. Do you think your path to success may involve obtaining some money?  Well, of course, you will need money. Money lubricates the gears of commerce and widens the path to success. But how much money? The picture above may seem like a goat path to many. I can assure you, the reason it does not look well worn or traveled, is because so many people do not recognize this path and they take another route. The path I can show you; is the road to success, and I can’t wait to show you what’s over the hill. You will be amazed and excited when you see what we do. Develop Goals and Manage your path to those Goals So, with money being such a big part of everyone’s life; why not talk more about it. There is a road to success and it is well defined, but not often traveled. Here at the S&P500 Trading Group, we teach money management and capital preservation to start you on the right path. Don't spend all you have for a school that only offers youTube videos and paper trading. This is no Bull Come join us for a couple of free passes to our live trading sessions.  You'll start to see what we are so excited about. The vehicle we use to meet your financial goals is called Futures Trading. It may sound scary or high priced, but don’t be skeeered. So many people like yourself have mastered this skill and are now financially independent. If you have never traded futures, or if you have; when you come to our online live trading sessions, you will learn.  The purpose of our free invite is to show you how transparent we are. How real we are.  And, you will learn. And, If time permits during each session, our moderators will answer questions from the new people attending. There are no other schools like the S&P500 Trading Group. The mentoring and the training program is unsurpassed. This is not a get rich scheme. You cannot buy your way into financial success, you have to learn and earn. [...]

Earn Extra Income from Your office or Home

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With wi-fi and this great spot, you could live here, enjoy the view, and run a very successful business. A business with no employees, no inventory, no vehicle fleets, and you can work 5 days a week or less.  Your investment in time, training and effort will relate to your income. Earn extra money or start a $500K career. The potential is staggering, but your effort is the key. Using the S&P500 market and futures trading, you can realize double-digit ROI's and not yearly, but daily.  Work from Home Takes on a Whole New Meaning This is not a get rich scheme. You can not buy your way into this business. Many have tried and lost fortunes. Without the correct training and mentoring; your chances at a high-income profession such as discount futures trading have a less than 5% success rate.  We do not trade on luck. That is called gambling. Our method of success involves money management, risk analysis, then test the rules you will learn.  Test your trading skills in the real market and then perform a detailed after-action report to correct any mistakes.   A personal mentor will work with you throughout these classes and show you how to excel.  Use your existing skills and grow with our track record of success. Be the one that takes your former military skills, proper training and put your time and effort into the best business I have seen to date.  I understand, you may not think you can do this, but just the fact you served in uniform shows you understand many of the skills needed to be successful in futures trading.   The S&P500 Trading Group is unique in that we offer an unparalleled level of training. We will assign you a personal liaison to keep you on track and help you progress through the classes.  Every business day, we have 8 hours or more 0f live sessions with the most experienced traders; teaching you and offering individual help. No one in the business offers this level of training. No one. This is a business start-up that has no comparison.  Come and sit with us for a bit. Let's talk. Contact us to sit in on one of our training and trading sessions. You will see how hundreds of people meet online and learn as they earn. It's no cost to you, we want you to see we have nothing to hide. Sit in for a couple of our live sessions. See how we trade, how we train and make money. After you watch what we do for a couple of sessions, I have no doubt you will re-examine your financial goals.   So, why wait. The sooner you start your new career, the sooner you meet your financial goals.  It's that simple. Then you can step out your front door every day and see this, or just visit when you want. All the time, you can work and keep earning.  Your office is where your laptop is.  [...]