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Risk and Reward , For Futures Traders Only

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Don't get Desperate for a Win Futures Trading involves risk, beware. What do you do when your trades keep going south?  Well, you may need a lifeboat. Maybe you need an intervention or more education. Who do you trust to come to your rescue? Who do you know that will help you define your risk and reward ratios, and money management techniques?  I can tell you that being alone behind your screen day after day can re-enforce bad habits. Habits that grow unnoticed until they are a problem. So, who will tell you the hard truths and look at your trades with an open mind?  You need someone not affected by your gains or losses.  You need a trading partner. If this is news to you, please hang in there with me. You will recognize the signs of problems you may have struggled with and wondered why you can't seem to make a profit. Being part of the S&P500 Trading Group means you have more resources available than ever before. Not only do we make these resources available as part of our education curriculum, but you can spend up to 8 hours a day online with some of the best teachers and traders.  We offer an end to end solution with support and training, to help you to build a winning track record. Fall back on your proven track record for risk and reward, and money management If you are part of our team, you have support close at hand. But, if you are a solo trader, or new to the game and haven't found a trading partner yet; you need some input when times are bad and even when the money is rolling in. This is the time to stress capital preservation and don't force a major change in your spending habits. Fall back on proven risk and reward formulas and money management. Most people have experience in lean times and getting by with little money.  Very few people are experienced with a surplus of money and they tend to make some big mistakes. I have seen many a lottery winner that is broke and bankrupt within a few years of winning the lottery. If you are new to futures trading, and when you realize the potential for profit, it may upset you and make your head spin. Learn to Be Successful Launching a Lifeboat In your desperation to succeed and in your success, you can fall prey to bad habits that affect both ends of the spectrum. If you have traded for any length of time, you have an edge or a trade signal that proves your process with overall wins for a specified time period. Many futures traders will look at 5-10 point gain in 1 week as more than acceptable. The profit potential is enormous and you need to be aware of the emotional and psychological effects of trading. Many a trader has gone bankrupt when they fail to recognize these emotional hurdles and [...]

Let’s Get NAKED, or Not. Its a transparent naked trade.

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  If you think this title is a bit grandstanding. Of course, it is! I got your attention and I have about 3 more seconds before you bail on me, so let's send this downrange and see where it lands. It's not about what you think. It's about seeing things as they are with no appurtenances or costumes or camouflage. It's about the truth and trust. It's about our way of life and the impact we can have on your financial future.  No bull sh!t and no lies. Just the facts. Using age-old wisdom and parables, and our life experiences, we try to impart wisdom to our kids and our employees, or subordinates. We have experience with life and our time is waning. As we understand our mortality, we want to impart wisdom to those we love. In short, We WANT to SHARE. This is Life This is life worth living. So if you are still reading this, prepare to copy.  I have an epiphany for you. Something that may change your way of thinking and impart trust in our organization. Hoping you can trust us enough to see what we are about. In the Beginning Before we had a written language, before we had FaceBook and Instagram to communicate with others without being face to face, we had pictures. In our mind, we had a picture of things we see and we could associate that with good or bad experiences.  In an ageless book of knowledge ( we call it the Bible ) we have a story of two people in a Garden and these guys have no clothes. They were buck naked. ( no, not "Naked and Afraid) That's on another channel. Why was this?  I mean, the story goes - they had everything they needed. Right?  My Opinion goes like this.  They had nothing to hide. There was no guile, no lying, no lust nor envy.  So, the need to hide behind something was not at the top of the list. They were naked and did not need any covering. Somebody did Something Wrong Then somebody did something. Someone was deceived and committed a wrong.  As soon as this was discerned and came to light, they had to hide their sins.  They were ashamed.  That happens to good people when they make a mistake, they try to hide from the truth and the consequences. If memory serves me right, they made some excuses instead of fessing up to the crime, and things really went south from there. They were evicted from a very elite clubhouse. It had something to do with the dress code.  So here we go, take a big jump with me and let's go full-on commercial/capitalist here.  Stay with me. Set your Selector Switch to "AUTO". Did Someone Expose Something? So, now as we tell our stories and repeat our history we use words more than pictures.  We use Facebook and Twitter and IG. We make videos too, but they are used to capture your [...]

Technical overload and burnout. The emotional side of Trading

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Beginner and Intermediate Traders alike are Guilty of this. Are you spending hours and hours sweating over details and press reports and business forecasts; studying Fibonacci lines and donchain channels?  Can you ever get enough data or current info to take a trade with 100% certainty of winning?  Do you suffer from technical overload or anxiety burnout? Welcome to the dark side of trading we call emotional trading. How did you get here to the dark side?   How frustrating to put money on the line in a trade and then realize, I could have gone to Vegas and lost this same money and had a good time while throwing money down a hole.   Buy Low and Sell High Buy low and sell high; there is nothing else in commerce and futures trading if you want to profit. The way you lose money is to buy retail and sell wholesale. When the price goes up you get excited and you start buying. You are buying when the price is High. This is when you should be selling. You have gone into the trade backward.  You followed your emotions. This is why the most experienced traders know the major portion of successful trading is the emotional portion. They first have to recognize it; then accept it and work with it. Now let's look at the most common point of entry into any transaction. You buy a product at the low end and sell when the price is increasing. Buy low and sell high. When the price goes up, you sell and realize a profit. Buy low and sell High. The age-old road to success. I can hear the experience traders screaming at the screen right now.  They make a living gathering data and making rules and studying price action. But I want to tell you that 95% of futures traders are broke after the 1st year. You could do better in Vegas. Number crunching and technical analysis is important, but trading is 60% or more just an emotional exercise. Do you know your break-even ratio?  Fill vs Stop When you get the correct money management and risk ratios (easy peasy ) then you need to trust your decision and stay in the trade.  If you are a scalper, then you don't need to read any further. If you are in for the long run, look at your risk-reward, calculate your breakeven trade ratio, and take the trade when it comes to you. Don't chase the trade, and don't run your stops up and down. Keep the emotions out of the trade. If you trust your sim trades and playback exercises, why would they not line up with your live trades? You proved your #'s and you practiced your trade signals over and over, and yet.....What happens when you take that signal live?  Do you need to keep piling on more and more rules?  Or can you trust your trade rules and keep your finger off the mouse while you stare [...]

Earn Extra Income from Your office or Home

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With wi-fi and this great spot, you could live here, enjoy the view, and run a very successful business. A business with no employees, no inventory, no vehicle fleets, and you can work 5 days a week or less.  Your investment in time, training and effort will relate to your income. Earn extra money or start a $500K career. The potential is staggering, but your effort is the key. Using the S&P500 market and futures trading, you can realize double-digit ROI's and not yearly, but daily.  Work from Home Takes on a Whole New Meaning This is not a get rich scheme. You can not buy your way into this business. Many have tried and lost fortunes. Without the correct training and mentoring; your chances at a high-income profession such as discount futures trading have a less than 5% success rate.  We do not trade on luck. That is called gambling. Our method of success involves money management, risk analysis, then test the rules you will learn.  Test your trading skills in the real market and then perform a detailed after-action report to correct any mistakes.   A personal mentor will work with you throughout these classes and show you how to excel.  Use your existing skills and grow with our track record of success. Be the one that takes your former military skills, proper training and put your time and effort into the best business I have seen to date.  I understand, you may not think you can do this, but just the fact you served in uniform shows you understand many of the skills needed to be successful in futures trading.   The S&P500 Trading Group is unique in that we offer an unparalleled level of training. We will assign you a personal liaison to keep you on track and help you progress through the classes.  Every business day, we have 8 hours or more 0f live sessions with the most experienced traders; teaching you and offering individual help. No one in the business offers this level of training. No one. This is a business start-up that has no comparison.  Come and sit with us for a bit. Let's talk. Contact us to sit in on one of our training and trading sessions. You will see how hundreds of people meet online and learn as they earn. It's no cost to you, we want you to see we have nothing to hide. Sit in for a couple of our live sessions. See how we trade, how we train and make money. After you watch what we do for a couple of sessions, I have no doubt you will re-examine your financial goals.   So, why wait. The sooner you start your new career, the sooner you meet your financial goals.  It's that simple. Then you can step out your front door every day and see this, or just visit when you want. All the time, you can work and keep earning.  Your office is where your laptop is.  [...]

Test Drive a High Performance Futures Trading Academy

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Want to take a test drive in the most unique high performance futures training academy in the nation? The academy I am talking about is not something you just enroll in and read a book; and then you take a test. This is the real thing. Come along and see what only the professionals see when they are members of this elite trading group. Take a ride with us. This is your chance to sit in the seat next to the best most experienced drivers and watch as they take you through laps at the S&P500. Rain or shine, we train and run every business day.  Proper training in Futures Trading.    The goal is financial success. I am offering you a chance to pop the hood and look at the only engine in the USA that drives hundreds of successful businessmen and women each day. A powerful engine that propels them to accomplish their goals. The goal of financial success. This engine is the S&P500 Trading Academy. Learn to control this engine and drive this car. There is no other like it. Come and take a couple of laps with us. See how we personally teach and mentor people like yourself to be successful day traders in Discount Trading. S&P500 Futures Trading Academy No other engine provides power and  control  like the S&P500 Trading Academy. We have online meetings each business day and discuss the proper strategy of Futures Trading. Up to 5 classes daily with the most experienced teachers at the wheel, and sitting beside you in an online class; helping to steer you to success. As many as 300 people  show up  daily to participate and learn in these live online classes. Pop the hood and discuss with our teachers and other experienced traders each hairpin turn and each stop. Sit in on these live laps and see how we drive.  The Key to Our Futures Trading Academy A personal trainer assigned to you will show you how to maneuver with risk management and money management stops. Learn the pit falls of indecision using simulated trading , until you are ready to hit the track live.  We can put you in the passenger seat and let you ride along for a couple of 2 hr laps for free. No pressure, just enjoy 2 free trips with the professionals and then;  you can decide if you want to join us.  You decide if you want to drive your own vehicle to the winners circle. Learn to maneuver with Risk Management There really is no one like us.  No one but the S&P500 Group will to guide you through each turn and each stop until you are ready to solo.  No one else will take the time to look at your  successes and  failures; then show you how to correct your mistakes and prepare you for your solo run. We can help you define your own financial goals, and then design a training regimen to obtain these goals. [...]

Consider the Cost; Career vs Education

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The S&P500 Trading Group offers training in a new career in the financial field. We can train you to be successful in Futures Trading.  We far exceed others in this field with our real time training and mentors. Scholarships are available for veterans to reduce the cost and the price of this unique opportunity.

On Target, On Time. Financial Goals

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S&P500 Trading Group is the most transparent on-line educational trading school you can find; real training, real people, and personal tutoring that will show you a new profession you may have not considered.