When the fog of confusion is present, how do you make the right decisions?  When you are looking to make a career move or just earn extra money, how do you know which internet ad is going to be what they say they are and which one is just spam?  The thousands of paid ads that pop up and the spam that follows is enough to scare off most job hunters. Guess What?  You came to the right place if you want to earn some extra money or even start a $500K career in Futures Trading.

This drawing was presented to me at a grade school where I was giving a talk to my granddaughter’s 4th-grade class as a featured local veteran. I immediately knew the artist would one day become a General; due to the fact; at an early age he could recognize the “Fog of War”. So…. I present to you FM 6-20 and all the fun you can stand.

Do you know if you made the right decision?

How can you know if you picked the right path, or if you picked the right company to do business with?  The spam and the hucksters are so pervasive and so convincing.  The S&P500 Trading Group would like you to check out what we do and how we do it before you make a decision.  We are unique in the industry and provide an end to end solution for you to learn and earn.

In Military life, there is little doubt about your job and your mission. You know what you are about and you train, and you train some more to succeed in that mission.  When you transition to civilian life you will find the mission objectives are clear, but how do you complete the mission? You recognize the roadblocks to success and wonder how to overcome those barriers. We are proud of our mission which is to train you for success. No spam, no BS;  just results. If you have some snowflake in you, you can quit reading now. We won’t waste your time, and vice versa.

As a civilian, I enjoy making the plans for my company and also executing the plan. I know who is responsible for the glory and the “oh Hells”.  Look at the above drawing and see if the 4th grader who drew this is on target. He seemed to cover all the bases. So…. What about you. Now that you have a DD214 what is your next step?

Your Skills will Bring you Through the Fog to success in the Civilian World

If you are doing your re-con for a new career.  A plan to make money in a future job; or business, prepare to copy.

There is so much “fog” out there when you are looking to transition to a new job or start a new business. I hope you would consider a non-traditional career in the financial market. Specifically, futures trading. With your skills you already have, you can learn to be a successful trader in the futures market.

This is a business model that will totally blow you away when you see how far you can go. Your investment in time, training, and effort will put you ahead of your peers. I want to give you a vector to cut through the fog. The fog of being spammed when you google “want ads” for a new job, or when you search for business opportunities.

I did that one time. Holy crap; was I inundated with spam and ads for get rich crap ideas promising big money just by watching  YouTube videos.  The S&P500 Trading Group training compares to the professional level of playing in the NFL. You cannot learn this by watching a video. You cannot compete at this level by reading a book. Don’t throw your money down a deep hole looking for a quick fix.

Check us out. See What we do.

Check us out and see what we do.  We have nothing to hide and you have nothing to lose. We will be totally transparent and let you enter in on a couple of our private trading sessions as we learn and earn.  We usually have time during the session for a question and answer period for our guests. If not, your representative will answer your questions after you see how we make money.

This offer is no BravoSierra. We are the real thing when it comes to training you for success. Our instructors are seasoned traders and industry experts; and, we assign a personal liaison to each member to help walk them through each phase as they go from boot camp to success.

You don’t need a college degree and tons of student debt to reach your financial goals. With our training, you need to give your time, effort and energy and you can earn a butt load of money.

“We’ve Got Your Six”

The Founder of the S&P500 Trading Group is a veteran  (enlisted) and knows the value of education. If you have reached this site, you probably notice were are focused on education and learning.

This particular site was started for former military and Law Enforcement. We honor their service and sacrifice and want to help them as they transition to a new career. A career with awesome possibilities. We understand the challenges of vets and LEO’s as they move forward in their career. Let us help.

Dr. Cast has obtained scholarship money through his company for these individuals.   This scholarship money is for veterans and Law Enforcement; so please tell us when you call, that you are former LEO or Veteran.

This is part of his commitment to helping returning veterans establish a stable and rewarding career.  Also realizing our Law Enforcement Officers face many of the same challenges.

We want you to be financially independent and can show you how to get there. This is our way to honor your service to our country. Thru the years, we have found veterans have many of the skills needed to be a great futures trader. Lets Talk.

“We’ve Got Your Six”

If you want to learn more, please contact us here.