The world changed and now what?

Your career in uniform is behind you and a new mission is in front of you. Time marches on and you can’t stand by as it moves on down the road.

How do you make the correct decisions when this is a new territory and new terrain for you; a new mission requiring new tools and training?  Until you gather your assets and see the obstacles in front of you, how can you make a clear plan of action?

We can provide answers to those questions. How you can adapt and succeed. Learn more about the S&P500 Trading Group. The best ever business I have found.

A great path to follow when you have to try something new is an opportunity called Futures Trading. Don’t be fooled with a fancy name, this is a very simple business model where you buy low and sell high. The exact same model as a lemonade stand on the corner with a kid making money.

All businesses and all commerce revolves around this age-old principle. Would you be surprised to know that you already have quite a bit of the training needed to be successful?

With the training you received during your military career, you know how to plan and execute a mission.  The business world is very similar to the planning, training, and execution.

Making Mistakes are part of your Training

Also, you know that mistakes will be made and some of your best training will come from recognizing those mistakes and changing your plan. Observe, learn, adapt and execute.

One great aspect of the S&P500 Trading Group is the way we allow you to make mistakes during the training portion without financial risk. We teach capital preservation and risk analysis upfront to keep you from losing your hard-earned money. Mistakes during training should always be a positive experience and not a fatal mistake. We excel at training.

Let me show you the map to your objective and point out the rough spots along the way. This same road you are on has been traveled many, many times and we have a good map and answers for you.  I have been where you are and searched for years for that great or even perfect job, and I finally found the futures trading business. The Best Business Ever.

The S&P500 Trading Group

The business that fulfilled my financial goals and also gave me the freedom to enjoy my free time; and I now own a great business. This business is called futures trading and I highly recommend it to veterans and retirees alike.  If you need to earn more money or just want to stay busy and add to your retirement fund without a full-time job, look no further.

This business revolves around simple and age-old techniques. Let’s call them “Old School” solutions. You’ve been trained to pay attention to detail, cause the small things count. So, pay attention. Buy Low and Sell High.

That is the answer to the question you have been trying to ask. When you grasp this concept, you are on your way to a $500,000 career.

This is not a get rich fly-by-night scheme. The S&P500  is one of the most respected index funds in the world and over the last 60 years has provided a consistent return for investors. This being said, we are not stock traders. We are not day traders. We are trading the S&P500 Emini. This is an electronically traded futures contract on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. This is an index fund comprised of the best of the best 500 stocks commonly known as the S&P500.

Let me say, the best is yet to come. If you want to start over and meet your financial goals, keep reading.  This is not a sales job or a job digging ditches.  There is no inventory to keep or sell, there are no sales calls and no employees. You make money when you buy a futures contract at a low price and sell it at a higher price.

This is really how the world goes round. It does require the proper training because it is an investment tool and there is risk involved because of the potential rewards.

I want to invite you to take a look at this thing called Futures Trading. If you google it, you can find the technical definition, but until you see us trade live and earning money in a live session, you won’t truly appreciate how simple this “Futures Trading ” can be.

When you shop around on the internet looking to find more about futures trading, you will be inundated with offers and many of them are just scams looking to take your money. I assure you the S&P500 Trading Group is what we say we are. We are so transparent that we offer you a look-see at our private online training/trading sessions. We are unique in the industry because we train you to conserve your money and see the opportunity to make a butt load of money with a relatively small investment.

The Founder of the S&P500 Trading Group is a veteran  (enlisted) and knows the value of education. If you have reached this site, you probably notice were are focused on education and learning.

You will understand when you visit with us how we can offer an education comparable to none.  Our instructors are seasoned traders and industry experts.

If you want to set your financial goals for a $500K career, we will train you and show you how to do just that.  And, you can learn this career with the goal of little or no student debt as you earn while you learn.

This particular site was started for former military and Law Enforcement. We honor their service and sacrifice and want to help them as they transition to a new career. A career with awesome possibilities. We understand the challenges of vets and LEO’s as they move forward in their career. Let us help.

Dr. Cast has obtained scholarship money through his company for these individuals.

This scholarship money is for veterans and Law Enforcement; so please tell us when we call, that you are former LEO or Veteran.

This is part of his commitment to helping returning veterans establish a stable and rewarding career.  Also realizing our Law Enforcement Officers face many of the same challenges.

We want you to be financially independent and can show you how to get there. This is our way to honor your service to our country. Thru the years, we have found veterans have many of the skills needed to be a great futures trader. Lets Talk.

“We’ve Got Your Six”

If you would like to find out more about this awesome opportunity to become financially independent, please contact us here.