Were you ever curious about futures trading? What is this odd-sounding animal? Many people never reach their financial goals because of our education system. We were never taught the difference between price and cost. Between price and value. Our struggle to get ahead was not because we are bad people, but because we did not receive a basic education in money management.

Understanding value and cost vs price will free you up to follow your dream to your financial goals. Your dream to make more money or even start a new six-figure career.

The S&P500 Trading Group is unique in the industry. We offer value far above any group like ours. Understanding value will have you knocking at the door to this amazing school. Spend a bit of time here and you will understand making money using your existing money is not as complicated as you may imagine.  The time you spend with us will change your thinking about Futures Trading and making money in an upmarket and a down market. Using an age-old principle of “Buy Low, and Sell High.”

We are so sure you will understand these concepts, that we will let you come and sit in on a couple of our training/trading sessions For Free.  Contact us and we will send you info on how to join a couple of live sessions that see up to 300 people a day learning and making money. We are transparent in our concept and our teaching/training. We have nothing to hide. 

The Door to Success

Now, on to learn about how critical Value is versus price?  The Cost vs the Price?  Understanding the difference is critical to meeting your financial goals. To making money for the long term.

Did you know the financial derivatives called Futures Trading were set up originally to trade commodities and stabilize the economy? It is a major stabilizing force in every industry that grows,  builds or manufactures. The price of any item is driven by the demand (which is also Scarcity) and that defines its price.

If an item is in high demand, the price goes up until the customer decides not to pay the higher price. At the same time, the manufacturer is looking to fill the gap when they see the price (and their profit potential ) is going up. They ramp up production.

It may take a while before these two forces (or demand) equal out and the price stabilizes. During that time, the two forces cause a price fluctuation and that is when you can realize your profit with futures trading. We teach you to recognize when to buy and sell. And, this is really not that difficult to learn.

So, again; the demand is a force that causes the price to go up, and if the demand for goods or services goes down then the price can go down also. You don’t have to know all of these concepts to trade futures. The act of trading futures is rather simple and conforms to well know and accepted practices.

We would be amiss if we did not disclose that Futures Trading incurs risk. You can make a lot of money, but you can lose a lot of money as well. And,  as risk goes down, the profit or return goes down;  very similar to the price demand we just discussed.  We want to teach these basic principles and show you how to use the Futures Market in a very simple way to earn great returns.


You need to know that you buy low and sell high. Keep that thought and you can make money (lots of money) in futures trading.

And, this is what we do best. We teach you how to trade futures.

Cost  and  Price and  Value

Let’s talk about the difference between price and cost. The price of any item is what you pay for it at the time you purchase that item. Except for maybe some sales tax or maybe shipping costs, you have made an offer to a vendor or a store and they accepted your offer, and now the contract is executed as you exchange money. And bingo! you just bought something or some item.  You just bought yourself a brand new item. 

So with this short story, We defined the price of an item that you purchased. The price is the money you laid out and purchased something.  Now let’s talk about the cost of any particular item. Let’s talk about the cost of one item in particular. Yes, there is a difference between your purchase price and the cost (overall cost of ownership) of that item you just purchased. 

Let’s say you went to an automobile dealership and you bought a used vehicle for $10,000. Except for sales tax and license and registration. the offer you made for $10,000 was accepted and you bought yourself a used vehicle.

You take delivery of this used vehicle which you have already looked at and test-driven and decided that it met your needs at that time, and now you decided you want to use that vehicle on a route as you deliver widgets to your customers. 

The first week or so as you made your route and delivered your widgets to your customers, everything was great. The only thing that you noticed is that it took quite a bit of gasoline to make that route. seems like you were stopping once a day to fill that vehicle with fuel.

The next week you found out that you had a tire that has gone bad and you had to stop and have it repaired. And because it took you so long to get it repaired you missed a delivery to your biggest customer at the end of that day. They called and then you’d had to go back and deliver to them that evening and needless to say they were not happy because they lost a lot of profit that day because they were out of parts. Another week goes by and another tire goes bad, and then after a month, you ended up replacing the transmission.

 As the second month rolls along you ended up finishing your daily routes with a rental vehicle because the engine was making a knocking sound and smoke was pouring out of the tailpipe. But not to worry because you did not have to make your routes as often because many of your customers had left you. You were not reliable in your delivery schedule.

 If you had purchased a new vehicle with a warranty; that would probably have given you a hundred thousand miles or more of good and reliable service, you would still be driving that route and also you would be saving not just time but saving money on the fuel that you used. And you would still have your customers. So how much money did you save in this deal while you were focused on the price alone?

How much did you save on that $10,000 vehicle. The total cost including the revenue that you have lost ended up being over $100,000 on this little exercise. You could have bought a brand new delivery van for $20,000. And you would have spent maybe $22,000 with the fuel. So the difference between the cost and the price on this particular venture was $79,000.  And the cost is still going up because you lost your best vendor. The cost exceeded the price by more than 500%.

We don’t meet our financial goals because of our financial education. This is what I described. 

Good decisions and money management will reduce your operating expenses/losses and increase your profit.  As time goes by, the increases build upon themselves and your profit increases each month. But again, you need a financial education even though you work hard and correctly price the product you deliver.  

In Futures Trading as in other businesses, you need a good education or you may suffer catastrophic losses. Not due to your work ethic, but due to your ignorance of good money management principles.

This education is what we can offer to you. Not just a good education, but also an opportunity you will rarely find.

The Founder of the S&P500 Trading Group is a veteran  (enlisted) and knows the value of education. If you have reached this site, you probably notice were are focused on education and learning.

This particular site was started for former military and Law Enforcement. We honor their service and sacrifice and want to help them as they transition to a new career. A career with awesome possibilities. We understand the challenges of vets and LEO’s as they move forward in their career. Let us help.

Dr. Cast has obtained scholarship money through his company for these individuals.   This scholarship money is for veterans and Law Enforcement; so please tell us when you call, that you are former LEO or Veteran.

US Army soldier at the USO

This is part of his commitment to helping returning veterans establish a stable and rewarding career.  Also realizing our Law Enforcement Officers face many of the same challenges.

We want you to be financially independent and can show you how to get there. This is our way to honor your service to our country. Thru the years, we have found veterans have many of the skills needed to be a great futures trader. Lets Talk.

“We’ve Got Your Six”

If you would like to find out more about this awesome opportunity to become financially independent, please contact us here.