Where can you earn $40,000 your 1st year in school?

Can you tell me what college degree will offer you a job making $250,000 or more straight out of school? Oh, with no debt. What would you spend per year on a good college education? And if you find work right away, can you take this job on the road and work anywhere you have an internet connection? Can you work according to your schedule?  To start a $500K career takes work and focus and education. Are you up to a challenge? If you are retired and looking to get a great return on your investment, who can approach a 500% ROI? This also applies if you just want to earn more money with a part-time job.

Student Debt

Let me answer those questions. The numbers don’t lie. 

If you go to college and get a four or even a 5-year degree, what will you earn the 1st day after you graduate and you go to work? What can you expect during the 1st year of college? More debt or earning money while you learn and in the black? Consider an alternative called futures trading.

When you graduate college, do you go look for a job or maybe apprentice with a group or corporation that can teach you real-world skills so that you become a valuable team player? Or would you rather be earning a butt load of money and own your own business?  What does your gut feeling say?

What Happens the 1st Day After You Graduate?

With a 5-year degree; when you graduate, what kind of income can you expect?

Are you going to be uber-productive as you walk off the stage and give this company a great return on their investment?  

Will they reward you for a piece of paper in your hand and pay you gobs of money right out of the gate?  I would say probably not. 

How about your investment in yourself, in time, resources, Etc?  The normal cost for a 4-year college degree can easily run 60 to $75,000 per year when you include your books, fees, housing, food Etc. Some universities will cost you $150,000 per year. So, let’s say you have invested 4 years of your time and about $250,000 (cash or debt).

When can you expect to get a return on the time you have invested and the resources that you or your family have invested in this education? How long do you calculate a student loan will take to pay off?

Ok, here we go. This is a great alternative.

The answer is called futures trading. And, you will need to attend our S&P500 Trading Academy and follow our prescribed courses. Then as you learn, you earn. I can show you a conservative path to earn $75,000 in 18 months. Can you show me any college or trade school that will make that claim?

Now Let’s look at the S&P500 Trading Academy. If you invest 2-3 years in this school you could easily realize a huge return of your investment and at the same time earn $300 to $500K per year. 

This school offers an end to end solution with such a low cost as compared to a conventional 4-year degree;

I think you could agree; there is no comparison. Maybe you want to double up on the classes and training; and learn the basics in a few months, then on to the advanced topics and within 2 years you will be earning so much more than you spend on this education.

The return on your investment is phenomenal. Our instructors are industry experts and seasoned traders. We do more than tell you how to earn money, we will show you.

Good schools will cost you $40,000 per year for tuition alone.  Imagine your earnings if you apply the same rules I discussed above, and month after month your earning increase. And at your 4-year level, guess what?  You are on track to earn over $300,000 per year.  You set the goals, we can show you the money.  Take this career on the road if you like. Learn, earn, and travel.

I met a man that lives here and travels half the year. His office is where his laptop is.

Serenity Lake

“We’ve Got Your Six”

The founder of the S&P500 Trading Group is a veteran. He has found and donated scholarship money through his corporation to serve former or retired military and law enforcement.

This is his thanks to our protectors of freedom, offering reduced cost and fees to veterans and law enforcement; and opening new fields to men and women; so deserving of our help. This is an amazing opportunity in a non-traditional field; that deserves to be investigated

If you would like to find out more about this awesome opportunity to become financially independent, please contact us here.