If you want to see how our government would help you; do your research. Go to the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission web site. There you will find a fact-filled site with enough info to keep you busy for a couple of years. But, will this help you learn to Trade Futures? Can you overcome the emotional side of trading and risk?

CFTC home page

If you have served in uniform, you will know what I say next to be true. Always Recon. Don’t walk into a situation blind with no data or knowledge of the terrain or your support elements and position.  Know what you are facing and prepare.

But even before you make your final recon; what did you do?  You trained, and you trained some more. After action reports and walk-thru’s and simulations were tested.  It’s no different here. If you want Success, train and simulate, and train. Find your mistakes, fix them and train again. That will bring Success.

Train and Train some more. If you want Success

In the above site, I counted 72 distinct tabs. One tab alone was broken down further to 90 subheadings and one of those was a 59-page report.

By my count, if 1/2 of these tabs were this complete; you would have more than 191,160 pages to peruse.  That may take a bit of time to study and then make choices from the data. What if you made a mistake on page 253?  Would the rest of your decisions be wrong due to the front end mistake?  Who would help you to define and correct a mistake?

Then, after all this study on a benign site,  you would need to learn to trade and analyze market data, and international conditions, and emotion, and dissect the news each day prior to deciding your trade. You will need to learn risk management, capital preservation, risk analysis, and trend analysis.   Wow!  This could take a while before I start to see a profit as a new trader.

I did not even start to add in variables such as volume, foreign markets, price action, trend, auction indecision, market consolidation, reversal, or retracement.  Don’t fight the market, work with the market and be successful, be profitable.

Each trade you take has over 8 billion variables affecting the outcome

May I make a suggestion?  An index market such as the S&P500 already has taken into consideration many of the technical items we discussed above. You don’t have to dissect info from 50 directions and then make decisions on ever-changing data. There is a better way.  Want to see?.

You won’t have to worry if the market is up or down. We make money both ways.  If you want to learn about trading and growing your capital, but you don’t have enough data to support that decision; come visit us. Join us in a couple of live trading sessions and see what we do.

We offer live training and trading sessions. At present we have over 8 hrs per business day of mentored live discussions and you will be assigned a personal mentor to guide you thru all the classes to meet your financial goals.  There is no other training academy like the S&P500 Trading Academy. NONE.

So many technical traders spent most of their time trying to beat the market. But the market has over 8 Billion variables each minute.  Do you think you can keep up with that volume of change?  The info available with today’s computers is staggering.

The info is also accurate. The data is timely; the problem is how do you interpret this info and turn that decision into profit? So don’t try to beat the market, flow with the market.  The market is too big and too complex to conquer. Work with it and be successful and much happier.

Flow with the Market

I’m not saying that Futures Trading simple. I’m saying you can learn to be profitable in less time than you think, and then grow your trading fund as you prove your track record and add more contracts. I know this to be a fact. I’ve seen it over and over in our Trading Academy. Contact us and sit in on a couple of our trading sessions. See how we accomplish this and see how transparent we are. We have nothing to hide. You have nothing to lose.

Contact us.  We can show you this is not Rocket Science.  The people we train are from all across the spectrum. From the husband/wife trading partners to the engineer, from the soldier and sailor to the retired businessman.  It’s not for everyone, but if you are curious; Contact us.  No Hassel, no spam, no pressure.

The founder of the S&P500 Trading Group is a veteran himself. He has found and donated scholarship money through his corporation to serve former or retired military and law enforcement.

This is his thanks to our protectors of freedom, offering reduced cost and fees to veterans and law enforcement; and opening new fields to men and women; so deserving of our help. This is an amazing opportunity in a non-traditional field; that deserves to be investigated.