Have you been walking through what seems to be a desert? A career desert. There’s no work; and when you find a job, it just doesn’t seem to fit you. This is a job desert. I’ve been there and wandered for months at a time until I found an oasis. Well, like a treasure you find in the desert, here is a solution; an answer to your quest. If you are looking to earn extra money or re-set your career with a $500K income, We’ve Got Your Six.  And, you can be the boss of this operation too.

We’ve Got Your Six

The job you have been searching for is not just a job and it is available.  It’s a business startup, not a J.O.B.  The vehicle to meet your financial goals now and for the future.  The name for this business is the S&P500 Trading Group. We are accepting applications for our group. Don’t be surprised when you find out how qualified you are.

We want you to join us in this journey to financial freedom.  This is so awesome, you have to come see for your self. We want to invite you to our online trading group and take a look-see. The S&P500 Trading Group is really a treasure in the middle of a big dry desert. Look around, you won’t find another like us.

This is not a storefront/retail business. This is not a multi-level marketing thing you sell to your friends’ kinda business.  You don’t need a high rent fancy office.  This business has no employees, except a good CPA to help you with all the money you can make.

This is Futures Trading.  I know many people from the military and law enforcement may not be familiar with this term.  It is a simple way to buy into the market and then sell when the market goes up.  Buy low and Sell high. Our portion of this business is to teach you the safe and proper way to make money in the financial market.

This is the same thing a kid does at a lemonade stand. You buy what you need, you put it up for sale at a profit, and then you pocket the difference.  Actually, the technical description of the futures market is “Contract for Difference”.  You contract with your broker to buy at maybe $50 and when the price goes up to $ 54; which is your profit target; then you sell. We call this a trade. A contract for difference. This difference is what makes the world go round, and you can be a small part or a big part of the profit difference.

When Life Gives you Lemons, Make Money

You enter or get into a trade when you buy and you get out of the trade (exit) when you sell.  We always calculate our entry and exit prices before we enter a trade.  This is a very important way to ensure you are profitable in the long run. We stress and teach money and risk management so you will understand where to enter and exit a trade. When to buy and when to sell.

Just like Lemon-Aid, Right?  If you can grasp this concept, and you want to invest your time, effort and energy into a new career, then we can teach you how to trade futures. Not to confuse the fun, but a great thing about futures trading vs the stock market or real estate investing, is we can trade when the market is going up and when the market is going down. I know it may seem strange, but this doubles your exposure to trade opportunities and profit.  Let us show you how it’s done. Personally, I like this much better than the real estate I used to invest in.

Lets’ talk.  Contact us and we will get you a free pass to visit our trading/training session. Join us to see how we make money and you can see we have nothing to hide.

The S&P500 Trading Group is unique. It is so much more than I can tell you. You just have to come visit with us and see how real and how great this is. And as always.

“We’ve Got Your Six”

The founder of the S&P500 Trading Group is a veteran himself. He has found and donated scholarship money through his corporation to serve former or retired military and law enforcement.
This is his thanks to our protectors of freedom, offering reduced cost and fees to veterans and law enforcement; and opening new fields to men and women; so deserving of our help. This is an amazing opportunity in a non-traditional field; that deserves to be investigated. Please don’t pass this up without look-see as to our training and execution.
Again if you want to earn extra money or just need more for your retirement, contact us here.