Everyone wants your money, but You Have a Choice

Why do I have to make a choice?  I want both. I want my money and I want a good life; not a life burdened by debt.  But I’m afraid to make a wrong decision. Now I have to ask, How do I make these choices?  This is an age-old quandary, but in our world of instant communication and cell phones and the internet, you would think we could Google a quick answer. What is the best road to take?

Are you going to trust your future to a website that changes definitions and authors daily? Every time the moon goes through a new phase, there is a new political or financial crisis to be cured and it’s going to affect your retirement. Are these the people you trust your money to?

If you go online and Google “investment” or “more money” how many sites are there that actually pertain to what you are looking for and how many are paid advertisements, just looking to take your money?

Your Money or Your Life

You may find some answers, but can you trust Google and Wikipedia to give you the correct answer for the exact situation you are in right now? And if they give you the wrong answer, are they going to bail you out of a jam? I have an answer to that question.

Now, after many years of building a business ( actually 2 businesses) and then flipping homes and real estate, and other investment choices, I have an answer to keeping your money and enjoying a good life.

There are many routes to a good retirement and/or a great lifestyle. Let me share one I found.

The answer to how to earn more money or start a $500K career is called Futures Trading. A more exact definition would be “discount trading” and I can show you how to accomplish this and change Your future. Follow me here for a bit. This answer may well be the exit strategy you have been looking for. This truly is a life-changing decision for those people that have attended our Trading Academy.

Actually, this may be the answer you have been looking for. Earn more money, keep more money, travel if you like while you earn, or work from home with the best business ever.

When we use the phrase your money or your life what we’re actually trying to say is do you have the resources to take a hit such as picking the wrong career or buying the wrong product.

For Example, If you go buy an expensive car, what is the decision-making process in buying that particular car?

Is it something you know about, or something that a friend told you about, and what happens if you do make a wrong decision and purchase a $50,000 vehicle and it does not perform nearly as well as you expected it to?

Are you stuck with the consequences of a bad choice for years or more?

Usually, before you make a major decision involving lots of money and or resources, you would do your due diligence and check out the company or business behind the product and the services offered.

If it were a luxury automobile, we would take that car out for a test drive and see if it performed, see if it handled and see if you like the interior and the sound. A good company would allow you to look at their product and test drive it before you made a decision to spend $50,000 or more.

Fast and beautiful

This is the same situation I’m referring to when you are looking into a new career; or even a part-time job.  How do you make that decision to spend quite a bit of cash or a lot of your valuable time?  Do you know someone that’s done this same thing you are looking at, or did you see something on the Internet?

They ask for your money, but if you make a wrong decision, it will cost a lot more than you anticipated and you may be very disappointed with your decision.

If we do our job correctly at the S&P 500 trading group, then you will be able to take us for a short test drive and see if you are going to spend some of your hard-earned cash and your valuable time on something you really wanted. Something that is not free, but is truly valuable, and worth looking into.

That’s why we offer a free visit to our online trading sessions. Come and see what we do. Come and see how we trade and how we teach. We don’t want you to join the wrong group. We want those who are ready to change their lives through discipline and commitment as well as those who will be an asset to our family/group. We care about our members and are a bit careful as to who we invest our time and resources into. We hope you feel the same way. 

Not only do we have multiple on-line sessions each business day, but we have face to face meetups in cities across the U.S. where you can sit down and visit with other traders and share lessons, or a meal. Our instructors are seasoned traders and industry experts.

Come and take a short test drive maybe a couple of test drives and spend a few hours with us then you can make a decision. We don’t want you to be unhappy with your choices we don’t want to put a gun to your head and say your money or your life.

So this is our way to show you we are the real thing. We want to be transparent and expose you to who we really are.  I think you will agree that there is no one in the industry like the S&P 500 trading group. Don’t pull the trigger on a new career or a trading school until you visit with us first.

The founder of the S&P500 Trading Group is a veteran. He has found and donated scholarship money through his corporation to serve former or retired military and law enforcement. His goal is to open new doors and opportunities to our veterans and Law Enforcement Officers.

See the light

This is his thanks to our protectors of freedom, offering reduced cost and fees to veterans and law enforcement; and opening new fields to men and women; so deserving of our help.

This is an amazing opportunity in a non-traditional field; that deserves to be investigated.
This may well be the exit strategy you have dreamed of.
If you would like to find out more about this awesome opportunity to become financially independent, please contact us here. 



The Best trading companies will

  • Show you not tell you 
  • Be transparent 
  • Have mentors 
  • Have a training academy 
  • Have live chat with group members 
  • Have local meetups for face to face meetings with other group members
  • Teach Capital preservation and risk management
  • Be risk-averse

Quite a few people that come to visit us and to see what we’re about are retired or are about to retire. They may be looking for a part-time job or to earn extra money. They may be wanting to reset their career and earn $500,000 annually. We can design a training program for you to meet and exceed your financial goals. 

So you see, we actually do have an answer to that question your money or your life. When you can have both wouldn’t you make that choice? If you can enjoy your life and have money to enjoy it even more; why would you not make that choice. This really is the best business ever. 

This particular site was started for former military and Law Enforcement. We honor their service and sacrifice and want to help them as they transition to a new career. A career with awesome possibilities. We understand the challenges of vets and LEO’s as they move forward in their career. Let us help.

Dr. Cast has obtained scholarship money through his company for these individuals.   This scholarship money is for veterans and Law Enforcement; so please tell us when you call, that you are former LEO or Veteran.

This is part of his commitment to helping returning veterans establish a stable and rewarding career.  Also realizing our Law Enforcement Officers face many of the same challenges.

We want you to be financially independent and can show you how to get there. This is our way to honor your service to our country. Thru the years, we have found veterans have many of the skills needed to be a great futures trader. Lets Talk.

“We’ve Got Your Six”

If you would like to find out more about this awesome opportunity to become financially independent, please contact us here.