Have we had this conversation before? What is this thing you call Futures Trading? Why are you bothering me with something I know nothing about.?  Well, you are a target of an ad campaign. I picked on you because you are probably a veteran or a LEO.  I want to tell you thanks for your sacrifice and service. And I need to tell you about an awesome way to make money. Futures Trading, and the proper education to do it right.

And, I know how hard it is when you take off the uniform or the badge and move to another career. Life after the uniform can be hard. It really can be hard if you didn’t plan to move on or you just could not put together the retirement money you really needed.    I can change your mind about the financial field and I bet if you take a close look at what we do, you will change your financial goals (in a good way).

My Father circa 1949

I really want a few minutes of your time to share this awesome financial plan with you. Something you can use from now on and even take it on the road if you like. Learn and Earn with the S&P500 Trading Group.

Yes, I picked on you. You are my target and I want to send this message down range to you or maybe a friend of yours. This is too important to pass up without a quick look-see. Send me an email and I promise not to spam you or share your info. I just need to know where to send the free pass to enter our daily on-line trading sessions so that you can see how we make money.


Now; let’s talk for a minute?  This is some good stuff I have to tell you.

I know sometimes you can feel that target on your back?  I mean, come on now. Who hasn’t said at least once that they feel like their cell phone or computer is listening in on every conversation they have. You send a message and 5 min later you get this ad in your email about the same thing. (hearing aids ?) This leads to some serious trust issues.

Google is targeting you with spam and cheesy ads and probable scams from Bob. You know, Bob. The guy that answers the phone when you call your credit card company or a try to get warranty work done on something you bought on-line. Ya, THAT Bob. Bob from Bangladesh. Even though he won’t tell you what city he’s in.

If you have a hard time understanding what he’s trying to convey to you, it could it be, like me, you have fired a weapon too many times with no ear protection or sent too many Main Gun rounds down range; so many rounds that your ears don’t work like they used to. Well, Welcome to the USA. I have a heavy southern accent.  So, LISTEN UP!

What you are about to read should be totally understandable and I hope I don’t have to type it twice for you to understand it. “Forgive me for my accent.”

Cut through the noise and the spam of advertising.  Find out how to trust an offer.

You clicked on my blog because it caught your eye. Now, is it worth your time to continue? You bet; because I will not BS you about what I’m going to tell you now. I can change your mind on how running your own business can be fun. Literally, change your way of thinking.

After a tour in the Army, I wore a badge for a few years but then I started and grew a business. And then I sold that business and started another.  After I sold them both, I took off for a few years and taught some college courses and bought some rental properties. Kinda kicked around until I found this opportunity you are reading about now.

Now, I am a member of a large group of people that have been trained to trade futures on the S&P500 exchange. We have a good time every day in online trading sessions and have access to multiple classes throughout the day. This is no joke. This is a fun business. A life-changing business.

We are the real thing. As a matter of fact, as I was typing this article; I took and won 2 trades. I made my day in 2 hours. I have a daily and weekly goal on how much money I want to make. Now, in a few minutes; I’m off to my shop to work on my Polaris RZR and get ready for my next trip.  I have the rest of the day off.

Contact me. I will not waste your time; nor will I spam you and share your email.  It will only take a few minutes, and you can decide if this will change your life. Or, you can decide you have enough money and time on your hands that we can’t help you. I picked on you and targeted you because you are former military or law enforcement; as am I.  I am not here to waste your precious time. ” Bob” will do that for me.

“We’ve Got Your Six”

The founder of the S&P500 Trading Group is a veteran himself. He has found and donated scholarship money through his corporation to serve former or retired military and law enforcement.  This is his thanks to our protectors of freedom, offering reduced cost and fees to veterans and law enforcement; and opening new fields to men and women; so deserving of our help. This is an amazing opportunity in a non-traditional field; that deserves to be investigated.

The areas we cover range from money management to risk management and capital preservation.  Our personalized training regimen is designed to bring you from a novice beginner to the point where you have met your financial goals.

Futures trading is a small part of the overall financial investment market but is so powerful to accomplish your goals; whether it be steady income or an addition to your retirement portfolio.  You owe it to your self to check out our no-cost offer. What do you have to lose?