With wi-fi and this great spot, you could live here, enjoy the view, and run a very successful business. A business with no employees, no inventory, no vehicle fleets, and you can work 5 days a week or less.  Your investment in time, training and effort will relate to your income. Earn extra money or start a $500K career. The potential is staggering, but your effort is the key. Using the S&P500 market and futures trading, you can realize double-digit ROI’s and not yearly, but daily. 

Work from Home Takes on a Whole New Meaning

This is not a get rich scheme. You can not buy your way into this business. Many have tried and lost fortunes. Without the correct training and mentoring; your chances at a high-income profession such as discount futures trading have a less than 5% success rate. 

We do not trade on luck. That is called gambling. Our method of success involves money management, risk analysis, then test the rules you will learn.  Test your trading skills in the real market and then perform a detailed after-action report to correct any mistakes.   A personal mentor will work with you throughout these classes and show you how to excel. 

Use your existing skills and grow with our track record of success.

Be the one that takes your former military skills, proper training and put your time and effort into the best business I have seen to date.  I understand, you may not think you can do this, but just the fact you served in uniform shows you understand many of the skills needed to be successful in futures trading.  

The S&P500 Trading Group is unique in that we offer an unparalleled level of training. We will assign you a personal liaison to keep you on track and help you progress through the classes.  Every business day, we have 8 hours or more 0f live sessions with the most experienced traders; teaching you and offering individual help. No one in the business offers this level of training. No one. This is a business start-up that has no comparison. 

Come and sit with us for a bit. Let’s talk.

Contact us to sit in on one of our training and trading sessions. You will see how hundreds of people meet online and learn as they earn. It’s no cost to you, we want you to see we have nothing to hide. Sit in for a couple of our live sessions. See how we trade, how we train and make money. After you watch what we do for a couple of sessions, I have no doubt you will re-examine your financial goals.


So, why wait. The sooner you start your new career, the sooner you meet your financial goals.  It’s that simple. Then you can step out your front door every day and see this, or just visit when you want. All the time, you can work and keep earning.  Your office is where your laptop is. 

“We’ve Got Your Six”


The founder of the S&P500 Trading Group, Dr. Cast, is a veteran himself. He has found and donated scholarship money through his corporation to serve non-traditional futures traders. Such as former military and law enforcement. 

This way we can offer reduced cost and fees to veterans and law enforcement. Opening new fields to men and women so deserving of our help. This is an amazing opportunity that deserves to be investigated.  

Should you decide to take on a new challenge, you will find your skills from your time in uniform are an automatic head start to making money. We use some of the same terms to describe situational awareness and headroom, among many other terms you will find familiar.

Take a moment, contact us, and see how this amazing opportunity can change your life for the better.