Planned for construction near Arlington’s Globe Life Park and AT&T Stadium, the first national museum of its kind would open to the public in 2024. This will be a huge asset to the  Arlington, Texas area to host the National Medal of Honor Museum.   What a great honor.  As a Veteran, I can think of no Museum I would rather see.  The N. Texas area has hosted many Medal of Honor Recipients. They visit our area and spend time with civic clubs, local schools, and Gold Star Families. What a joy to have them come and stay a bit with us.

 Here is a group of Medal of Honor Recipients at a gathering in N. Texas a few years ago.  The Marine in the middle is trying on some new boots made for the occasion. Hershel Woody Williams.

Woody is a huge supporter of multiple civic and military causes. At 96 yrs young, I challenge anyone to keep up with his travel schedule and personal appearances. Visit his page here.

If you have the occasion to meet and greet any of these recipients, take the time to meet them and they will share with you the real reason for the actions that caused the United States to bestow the highest honor on them.

You will understand that bravery, courage, fear, anger, etc. were not the driving force.  The men in this picture all agree as they reflect on their actions, “No greater love has any man, but that he would lay down his life for another.”

No Greater Love

Woody and Brent Casey

Also, I want to acknowledge a friend of mine that works with Medal of Honor recipients and the Gold Star Families  Foundation. Brent Casey. Brent has started a new business and if you will, give him some love and order your challenge coins, etc. from Brent. Find his FB page here.  He is a tireless advocate of veterans health issues and the Medal of Honor Foundation.

Forgive the obvious commercial advertisement, but men like Brent that give so much to others also have bills to pay and travel expenses.  Help them help others.  Sent a little love his way.  Here again, is the site to go to. He will help you put together a great coin or token.


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